Sixers reveal new Nike jerseys and they look awesome

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.43.50

The wait is finally over! The Sixers have revealed what their new home jersey looks like ahead of the 2017 NBA season. Modeled by first overall pick, Markelle Fultz in this awesome new hype video, it’s hard not to get excited.

The Jersey of course carries the new Nike and StubHub partnerships, as well as embossed text that makes the “PHILA” portion of the jersey look like what happens when you put 3D glasses on for the first time. It’s a pretty neat effect to say the least.

With the home jersey’s now unveiled…it’s just a case of watching and waiting for the road and alternate jersey’s to be revealed as well. It’s time to get excited Sixers fans!



Ta daaaa


Mandatory Photo Credit: Philadelphia 76ers/NBA Films
Source: “Made for the moment” promotional video