1-on-1 with one of Penn State’s top targets in 2019: 4 star OL Caedan Wallace

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Caedan Wallace is a 4 star Offensive lineman that Penn State has been keeping their eye on. The 6-4, 315 pound Hun High School star is the 6th rated prospect out of New Jersey, 7th rated offensive guard, and 185th rated player for 2019 by 247. Penn state is building a phenomenal class for 2018 looking to finish in the top 5 in the nation, they seem to be headed in the same direction for 2019 as another great class is forming.


LJ: You are getting a lot of interest from Penn state fans, this 2019 class could be another great group. What do you think of Penn state?

 Caedan: I really like Penn State, I think it’s a great opportunity for academics and athletics.
LJ: Is Penn State a high program on your list of schools? What has the staff told you about your future with Penn state?
Caedan: Penn State is high on my list of schools I’m looking to possibly attend. The staff speaks about the family oriented program and how I’d be a great addition.
LJ: Are you planning another Visit to Penn state? When?
Caedan: I will be at the Penn State vs. Indiana game. I am very excited to see the game and also maybe meet some fans.
LJ: What other schools are showing you strong interest?
Caedan: Rutgers, Temple, Oklahoma and Nebraska are all showing major interest.
LJ: What can we expect out of Hun High School this year?
Caedan: I don’t usually talk a lot before the season, but I feel especially strong about the outcome of this season. I had 45 pancakes in 8 games last year, expect many more this year.
LJ: What about your play makes you standout?
Caedan: My aggressiveness and ability to not only make my block, but move up field and continue to make others.
LJ: Who in Penn state staff has kept in contact with you?
Caedan: Coach Limegrover, Coach Mike V and Coach Franklin are the main coaches that I receive messages from through my coach.
LJ: Penn state is building a great line for the future. What type of impact do you add to a program?
Caedan: My impact would be helping build a strong offensive line. The offensive line is the base of an offense and without them you can’t do anything.
LJ: In your opinion what makes a great offensive linemen?
Caedan: Great feet, strong punch/hands and strength in your legs and hips that allow you to drive through someone.
LJ: What teams that haven’t gave you offers are showing strong interest?
Caedan: Florida State, Notre Dame and Michigan State are a few.
LJ: What do you think of coach James Franklin?
Caedan: Coach Franklin is a great guy and a great coach, he is building a program that will be strong for the years to come.
LJ: What greatness about your character should a program know?
Caedan: Schools should know that when they get me, they are getting a leader. Someone that steps out on the field every Saturday and not only leads with his brothers off the field, but also plays for his brothers on the field.
LJ: Great talking to you Caedan. Good luck on the season.
Caedan: Thank you, tell all the fans I love ’em!