1-on-1 with 2018 4 star Penn state Commit and explosive point guard, Rasir Bolton


There is no doubting the talent or potential of the 2018 Penn State recruits at this stage. One of the most exciting of the next generation not just in Penn State but Basketball as a whole, is Rasir Bolton. We sat down with one of the most explosive point guards in the country to learn more about his journey so far.

LJ: What made you pick Penn state?

Rasir: Penn State academically is a great choice based on all the possibilities they have to offer, also the huge alumni base is great for networking and Coach Chambers, the whole coaching staff and I have an amazing relationship and have a trust for each other that was different from other schools

LJ: I’m very happy for you and to see you with the Nittany Lions is big. How long had Penn state been recruiting you and who on the staff kept in contact with you?

Rasir: They recruited me for a little over a year, Coach Urgo and Coach Chambers kept in touch with me all the time and built the great relationship that we have now.

LJ: How committed are you to Penn state?

Rasir: 110%, I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running when I get on campus and make the biggest impact I can.

LJ: Penn state has Myles Dread on this class. Have you two talked?

Rasir: I’ve known Myles since we were 10 he’s like a brother to me, so we talk all the time.

LJ: Penn state is going to be good and even better when you arrive. Are you ready for your next step?

Rasir: Yessir I’ve been working hard everyday so I can come on campus and hit the ground running with no setbacks.

LJ: What were your averages in AAU? What was your best game numbers wise?

Rasir: I averaged 13 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds for my last year of AAU, I would say my best games numbers wise would be against Atlanta Celtics I had 24 points and 4 assists and against MBA Hoops I had 20 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds.

LJ: What has Penn state told you about your role for the future?

Rasir: My role is to come in and lead the team and continue growing the winning and hard nose culture that the program has created over the last couple years.

LJ: What can we expect from you this upcoming high school basketball season?

Rasir: This year I am attending Massanutten Military Academy and my teammates and myself expect to do big things this season.

LJ: What type of offense do you like to play in?

Rasir: Fast paced, up tempo style offense. Ball screens and a lot of movement off down screens and cross screens to keep the defense moving and opens up more passing and driving lanes.

LJ: Any current players on the team you have been in communication with?

Rasir: I’ve talked to Tony Carr, Josh Reaves and a couple other guys but I have a relationship with all the guys.

LJ: One of the most underrated guards in the country. Are you anxious not only to show Penn state what they have but what other programs missed out on?

Rasir: I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder but my main focus is to give 110% focus and attention to Penn State and see what we can do to be the best team we can be.

LJ: What part of your game creates the most impact?

Rasir: I would say my decision making ability and thinking the game out and making plays easier for guys and my ability to make shots on the floor.

LJ: Do you feel you can impact right away?

Rasir: Yessir I feel I can come in and make a positive impact right away for the team and the culture of the program.

LJ: You have great parents. How have your mom and dad helped you to the man you are today?

Rasir: Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today, they’ve helped me on and off the court by teaching me life lessons that apply in everyday situations like be polite to everybody you meet and staying disciplined.

LJ: What made you want to play basketball?

Rasir: My dad put the ball in my hands when I was 4 and once he did that I fell in love with the game and I haven’t stopped ever since.

LJ: I have no doubt you will be one of the best players in Penn state basketball history.What does Penn state get with you and can you impact right away?

Rasir: I would say they’re getting a player that can lead, score and make the guys playing around him better and believe that winning is possible in all situations. I feel I can make an impact on the entire game offensively and defensively right away.

LJ: Great talking to you again Rasir i am very proud of you ball out this season.

Rasir: Thank you I appreciate it.