1-on-1 with Penn state target Julian Fleming, the no.1 prospect in Pennsylvania for 2020

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2020 wide receiver prospect Julian Fleming is a 5 star talent and will be ranked as such by the time he commits to the school of his choice, there is no doubt about it. Fleming is 6-3, 175 lbs, with big play talent and serious NFL potential at his age. The Southern Columbia high school star had 36 receptions for 956 yards and 13 touchdowns in his freshman season and is ranked a 4 star, no.1 among receivers, no.1 in the state of Pennsylvania, and no.5 overall.

He has great control with his hands when the ball is in the air to position his self to catch the ball. Fleming runs great routes and has elite hands. When it comes to a one-on one-matchup, he is going to win. The resemblance is AJ Green if you want me to give you a player he reminds me of and the potential is just as high. He is the prize receiver and the Pennsylvania poster child among 2020 recruits. Naturally, he is one of Penn state’s top targets and biggest priorities. Fleming also has offers from B1G rivals Rutgers, Michigan, Michigan state and in state rival Pittsburgh.


LJ: How did you and Southern Columbia high school do last season? What do you look to accomplish this season?

Julian: Lost in the state championship last year and I mean we just wanna get back to that point and change the outcome. A lot of disappointment around our area so we want to bring back another championship.

 LJ: You had 3 touchdowns in the first game of your sophomore season. What were your receiving yards that game?

Julian: I had 5 but 2 were called back. I think they had me 4 receptions for 110 yards.

 LJ: You have insane vision when you get the ball, it’s like you see the touchdown before you even look down field. Do you look to score every time you touch the ball?

Julian: Every time the balls in my hands I wanna make the most out of it and try and get in the endzone.

 LJ: What is your 40 time? Do you know your vertical?

Julian: 4.58 and 34″

 LJ: How long has Penn State been recruiting you?

Julian: Ever since the first offer during the winter they were the next school I talked to and they later offered at their camp.

 LJ: How interested are you in Penn state? Do you plan to take a visit in the future?

Julian: My family all loves PSU. We go to games every year and I was at lasch bash but I’m sure I’ll be up for a couple games as well

 LJ: What do you think of Penn state? What is your ideal school?

Julian: Very nice school and a great coach who cares about every player and really forms a bond with them. An Ideal school would include a coach with a lot of passion for the game, a great attitude and someone who genuinely cares about every player.

 LJ: What NFL player do you resemble your game after?

Julian: I watch film on a lot of NFL players. Mostly Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown and OBJ, so I can threaten teams in more than one way.

 LJ: You’re a game changer at your age with your talent. Do you feel you are a player that you can throw the ball to with the game on the line?

Julian: I trust my quarterback with everything, he can put the ball only where I can make a play on it so yes I feel like I could come down with most balls with the game on the line.

 LJ: What has Penn state coaches told you about your future with Penn state?

Julian: They have all been great and I’ve built bonds with many of them, they know I’m interested and I can tell they are interested in me too.

 LJ: What other schools have heavily showed you interest?

Julian: Syracuse, UConn, Pitt

 LJ: You have an AJ Green like game. What do you feel is the strength of your talent?

Julian: When the balls in the air I can make quick adjustments that make it difficult for the defender to get in from or even get near the ball.

 LJ: A big part of the game is the mental side of things. How are those grades going?

Julian: I’m a B student I have about a 3.4 GPA

 LJ: At this point in your recruitment do you feel you are close to commitment or do you have a long way to go?

Julian: Still have a long way. I would like to visit a lot of schools and make a choice where I know I would fit.

 LJ: What coaches have you stayed in contact with?

Julian:  I often call the coaches who have offered me to check in

 LJ: How is the city of Catawissa?

Julian: I live about 15 minutes away in Elysburg, but I mean it’s a nice little town, everyone knows just about everyone (laughs).

 LJ: You are no.5 in 2020, are you looking to get that no.1 spot?

Julian: I’m not too worried about rankings yet. I just want to be the best I can be and help my team.

 LJ: It’s been great talking to you Julian, good luck on the season.

Julian: Thanks a lot I appreciate it have a nice day.