Talented 2018 local prospect & Villanova target Justin Steers talks recruitment and more


2018 small forward Justin Steers plays for Friends Central high school by way of Wynnewood, PA. He is a productive offensie threat and a great two way player. He recently released his final 5 which includes Towson, UMass, LSU, New Mexico State, and Wyoming. I have kept up with Steers for a while and recently talked with him before he released his final 5.

LJ: what were your stats to finish your AAU season?

Justin: On the under Armour circuit I averaged 9 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals throughout 4 sessions.

>LJ: What schools have been pursuing you the hardest recently?

Justin: USF, LSU, Dayton, and UMass have been reaching out the most. Most recent new schools I’ve heard from or has expressed interest has been Wyoming, Rutgers, and Minnesota.

LJ: How long has Villanova been showing interest?

Justin: I don’t have a valid answer for this question because I’m not sure.

LJ: Who out of Villanova staff has been scouting you?

Justin: I’ve talked to coach Ash Howard and I’ve seen him at majority of my AAU games.

LJ: What are your top schools right now?

Justin: My recruitment is pretty wide open I haven’t cut my list nor singled out any schools yet.

LJ: What NBA player do you model your game after?

Justin: I don’t model my game after any NBA player I just try to be the best Justin Steers as I can but If I had to pick a NBA that I see my game in it would be Brandon Ingram.

LJ: What instant impact do you bring to a team and what is the strength of your game?

Justin: I bring my intensity on both ends of the floor, when Im out there you would never get less then 110% from me I’m always locked in. The strength of my game is my ability to run The floor and finish above the rim, the main part of my game that everyone loves is my defense I give it my all on that end of the floor.

LJ: Whats your dream offer?

Justin: I would probably say UCONN is my dream offer

LJ: Hoagie or Cheesesteak?

Justin: cheesesteak

LJ: How much have your parents influenced you coming up?

Justin: My mom and my brother influenced me a lot they kept me on the right track coming up because so many kids my age in the area don’t make it past high school so they made sure I stayed straight and never lost focus.

LJ: Is Villanova a high program on your list?

Justin: If I had a list they would be

LJ: Thanks for your time Justin

Justin: Anytime no problem

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports