1-on-1 with 2020 prospect and top Penn state target DE Bryan Bresee

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2020 defensive end prospect Bryan Bresee is a 6-4 260 pound load of trouble out of Damascus high school by way of Damascus, Maryland . He is very quick for his size and super athletic, when the stars start being rewarded Bresee should be a 5 star. His explosion when the ball snaps is like a freight train going through cardboard.If you watch Bresee’s tape at the Under Armour camp in D.C. he was without a doubt the top underclassman.

On February 25 at Penn state Junior day the Nittany Lions gave that talented Defensive end an offer. When Franklin zero’s in on talent it seems like the rest of the country takes notice because after that offer a lot more came pouring in. Bresee has offers from Michigan, Michigan state, Tennessee, Louisville, Florida state,Maryland, Ohio State and Alabama just to name a few. When I saw his tape, I had to reach out to the young star to tell him how impressive a player he was and to stay focused. I then asked him how his grades were. His answer? 3.85. I responded with telling him how excellent that was, but the answer after that personifies who this kid really is. He told me “I gotta keep them up though”. Any program that gets this kid is getting not only a great player but a leader, if  Bresee commits to Penn state and joins the “Wild Dog” defensive line he will become a legend once his tenure is over.


RJ: What are your top schools so far?

Bryan: I have no top schools at this time just trying to figure out what schools fits me the best at this time.


RJ: What do you think of Penn state?

Bryan: I like it a lot and i like coach Sean Spencer and the whole staff.


RJ: Do you plan on going back to Happy Valley anytime soon?

Bryan: Yes i plan on visiting and attending some games.


RJ: Is Penn state a team you are highly interested in playing for?

Bryan: Yes


RJ: I will ask you about 3 other teams and you tell me what you think of these programs:

Ohio state: Working with coach Larry Johnson for a day was great, I like the program.
Maryland: It’s my backyard. Getting up there is something i will be doing in the future.
Florida State: I am interested and will be going to the Alabama vs Florida state game on September 2nd.


RJ: Any teams that have not given you offers showing strong interest?

Bryan: Clemson


RJ: What is the strength of your game?

Bryan: Tools that i picked up at my early stages of playing football have helped me a lot and I can rush the passer.


RJ: What defense do you like to play in?

Bryan: 4-3


RJ: What type of impact does Bryan Bresee bring to a team

Bryan: i put pressure on the Quarterback

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