One of Philadelphia’s best: Roman Catholic star Allen Betrand talks recruitment

2018 prospect Allen Betrand is an agressive competitive combo guard out of Roman Catholic high school in Philadelphia. At 6’3 180 lbs, he is very explosive with good range he battle to the very end he is the type of player you want in your line up during the 4th quarter here he talks his recruitment and the interest Villanova has in him.
 LJ: How was AAU ball and how were your stats?
 Allen: AAU is good and my stats show an all around game.

 LJ: Roman Catholic has some good ball players. What has Roman Catholic taught you? How has that staff improved your game?
Allen: Roman has taught me tradition.

 LJ: Are you the type of player you can trust with the ball in your hand in the last seconds?
 Allen: Oh yeah for sure, I have shown that this past high school season also in AAU basketball too.

 LJ: You said Villanova has started showing interest. Do you plan on visiting?
 Allen: I’m not taking any visits until July is over

 LJ: Who have you talked to or who has watched your games from Villanova?
 Allen: Ashley Howard

 LJ: What are you top schools as of right now?
 Allen: I really don’t have any top school I haven’t taken any visits so I’m not making any school my favorite.

 LJ: What schools are pursuing you the hardest?
 Allen: St Joseph, Robert Morris, Towson,  Delaware, and more.

 LJ: Is Villanova a high school on your list of schools and what do you think of Villanova?
 Allen: Villanova is a great program with a great coaching staff.

LJ: You have offers from two other big 5 programs LaSalle and St. Joseph. How do you feel about those schools and are they high programs on your list of schools?

 Allen: I feel like they are great programs and that great players have came out of those schools but like I said no one on my list is high or low.

LJ: Do you plan on Visiting Villanova and what are your plans on visiting LaSalle and St. Joseph?

Allen: After July I will visit all of those schools.

LJ: What type of player are you and can you make an immediate impact for a team? In what way can you make an impact?

Allen: I feel like I’m a defensive player first but I can also score the ball a lot and I can impact a team defensively quick cause I have a toughness to me and I can score when it’s time to score.

LJ: Thanks for your time again Allen you are one of the toughest players in this class, I look forward to seeing you in college and this upcoming high school season.
Allen: thanks, I appreciate it
Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports