1 on 1 with top 2020 Penn state target Chris Tyree, the no.1 running back in 2020

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In 2015 Penn state got the no.2 player in Pennsylvania and no.14 running back in that class. He happens to be the current no.1 running back in the nation and Heisman trophy candidate, Saquon Barkley. In 2016 Penn state got the no.1 running back of that class and the no.1 player in Pennsylvania, 5 star Miles Sanders. In 2018 Penn state has a Verbal commitment from the no.2 running back in 2018 and no.1 player Virginia in 5 star Ricky Slade. He says he is 110 percent committed. In 2020 there is another beast Penn state is after. It seems like the trend is to get the best.

Chris Tyree is the not only the no.1 player in virginia and the no.1 running back in the 2020 class, he is the no.4 ranked prospect according to 247. He checks all the boxes power, vision, speed, and explosiveness. Tyree can also line up at receiver and be very dangerous, he can run great routes and be explosive after the catch. Everyone in the country will want this guy and Penn State is already loving this kid like he is family.

LJ: The man Chris Tyree. You are big news on Penn State campus. Fans love you and your talent. What do you think of Penn state?

Chris:  I really like the coaching staff at Penn State.  I will be making it up to a game soon but have not finalized the date yet.

LJ: 187 yards 2 TDs in a blowout win over Cosby, you live to dominate. At a young age and recognizing your potential, what is the strength of your game?

Chris: I think the strength of my game is definitely my speed and agility.  I am also able to play receiver as well as RB on offense so I thinks it helps being versatile.

LJ: Is Penn state a high program on your list of schools? How do you feel about Penn state?

Chris: I have not categorized any of the schools as of yet but I definitely have a good relationship with the Penn State Coaches. I have spent more time talking to Coach Huff than anyone else.

LJ: Are you thinking of an early commitment?

Chris: An early commitment has not even crossed my mind yet.  I really want to take my time and get to know several programs before I start thinking about a commitment. Plus it is so early in my recruitment, I have not had a chance to visit a lot of schools yet.

LJ: How long have you been interested in Penn State?

Chris: I have always watched Penn State on TV but never really thought of them as a potential school to attend until about a year ago.

LJ: When did PSU first approach you?

Chris: My high school coach first started letting me know that there was interest from Penn State about mid way through my Freshman year.

LJ: What do you think defines a great running back?

Chris:  I think a great RB has to be smart, have speed, strength, toughness, agility, and has to have great hands.

LJ: Have you met coach Franklin? What do you think of him?

Chris:  Yes, I met Coach Franklin the weekend I attended the camp.  That was the day that he offered me.

LJ: Are you planning on visiting Penn state down the line?

Chris: Absolutely, I will be visiting for a game soon but I have not finalized which one yet.

LJ: What schools are recruiting you the hardest so far?

Chris: It is really hard to say who is recruiting me the hardest but I will say I have the best relationship with the coaches from Maryland, Penn State, Virginia Tech, and Virginia.

LJ: What were your numbers last season?

Chris: Last season my rushing totals were 720 yards on 100 carries. I initially started the season as a receiver but was moved to RB the 4thgame of the season when some of the upper classmen had some injuries.

LJ: Do you feel like you are just as dangerous catching the ball as you are running the football?

Chris:  Yes sir, I think I am a very good route runner and can use my speed to get open.  I have great hands as well.

LJ: As of right now what are your top schools?

Chris: It really think it is too early to name a top school, but again, there are some schools that I have a better relationship with right now.  I am hoping to obtain a better relationship with the other schools as well.

LJ: Great talking to you and good luck man you are an amazing talent thanks for your time

Chris: Thank you, I really appreciate the opportunity for the interview.  I will try to keep you posted on any updates in the future.