2019 Penn state target TE Hudson Henry looking to follow in footsteps of older brother

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Hudson Henry is a 6-5 230 lbs, gifted tight end with excellent hands and great route running ability. He is the type of tight end that can line up as a receiver outside or in the slot. Henry has exceptional speed for a tight end and can become one of those tight ends you will have to double cover. Henry reminds me of Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz. He has the tools to be an All-American at the college level. Henry is also a very physical blocker making him a classic all-around threat. He also has athletic success in his bloodline, his brother is NFL tight end Hunter Henry of the Los Angeles Chargers. Henry is rated no.67 by ESPN, no.2 player in the state of Arkansas by 247, no.1 tight end in the south region by scout.


LJ: What were your numbers in your first game?

Hudson: We haven’t played a real game but we played in a scrimmage and I had 3 catches for 91 yards and 2 TD’s

LJ: What do you look for in an ideal school?

Hudson: I look for how effectively that school utilizes the tight end position and how that school can further me as a person, student and athlete.

LJ: What were your offensive numbers last high school season? How did Pulaski Academy do last season?

Hudson: I had 28 receptions for 311 yards and 3 TD’s. We ended up winning the state championship for the third year in a row.

LJ: How long has Penn state been recruiting you?

Hudson: They have been recruiting me since last spring and that’s when they offered me.

LJ: Do you plan to visit Penn state? Who stays in contact with you from Penn state?

Hudson: Yes I do plan to visit Penn St. sometime in the spring. I stay in contact with the Tight Ends coach up there, Ricky Rahne.

LJ: What has the Penn state staff told you about playing with the lions?

Hudson: They have told me that it is a very awesome experience to be a part of and that once you’re a Nittany Lion you’re always a Nittany Lion.

LJ: Are you high on Penn state?

Hudson: Yes I think Penn St. is a very prestigious school with great academics and a great football program.

LJ: What do you like about Penn state?

Hudson: I like how they utilize the tight end position in their offense in a big way.

LJ: What do you think of Arkansas? Do you plan on visiting them soon?

Hudson: I do have a lot of ties to Arkansas with my Dad and two brothers playing there but I’m trying to keep my options open. I visited them on July 19th and plan on visiting again sometime in the spring

LJ: What other teams are after you? Do you have any top schools?

Hudson: Wisconsin was my most recent offer and I heard from Georgia the other day but other than that I haven’t heard from any other school. I don’t have any top schools right now just because I haven’t visited all the schools that have offered me yet.

LJ: What teams that haven’t offered you are showing interest?

Hudson: Georgia

LJ: Your brother Hunter Henry plays in the NFL for the Los Angeles chargers. What has he taught you about the game of football?

Hudson: He’s taught me a lot just because we play the same position and he didn’t have any body like that who could help him with the process so it is nice to have him there whenever I have any questions.

LJ: I was raised in southwest Little Rock, i know in this state football is big. Is your family a big football family? How has your parents influenced and supported you coming up?

Hudson: Yes, I’ve been playing tackle football since I was in 1st grade. I love the game of football and just being able to be apart of it. My parents have always been supportive of every decision I’ve made. They always tell me to put God’s Glory above all else in football because that’s the reason for playing.

LJ: Any planned visits you have coming up?

Hudson: I plan to visit schools that have offered me in the spring.

LJ: What makes you the tight end to get in 2019?

Hudson: I can create mismatches down the field with my size and speed. I am also a very physical blocker. I feel that I possess both qualities of a tight end, Catching and Blocking, that most tight ends don’t have nowadays.

LJ: Pulaski Academy is big on grades and so is Penn state. Whats your GPA?

Hudson: I finished with a 4.2 GPA last year and hope to aim even higher this year

LJ: Great talking to you Hudson great talent,  will be watching you this season.

Hudson: No problem! Thank you!