1-on-1 with 2018 Penn state commit Nick Tarburton

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2018 4-star inside linebacker Nick Tarburton is one of Pennsylvania’s best football prospects. Tarburton is rated no. 12 by 247 and no.9 by Rivals in Pennsylvania, he is also rated no.9 by Rivals and 17th by 247 at the inside linebacker position. Tarburton plays for Pennridge High School in Perkasie, PA, when making his college decision he decided to stay home and committed to powerhouse Penn state on February 9th of this year. He is a ferocious wrecking ball on defense and is a vicious tackler with a quick first step which allows him to be on as soon as it snaps. Tarburton is an all-state first team performer who has the ability to change the game with his energy and beast like play.
LJ: What made you choose PSU?
Nick: I chose PSU because of the outstanding coaches and people. There’s also this true family aspect up there and I love that and bought into that right away. You also can’t go wrong with 107 ,000 of the best college football fans in the world cheering you on every game.
LJ: There is talk maybe you can play defensive end. What have you heard? What position do you like the best defensive end or Linebacker?
Nick: That is true. But I had a conversation with coach Pry after his evaluation and he is pushing for me to continue playing Inside linebacker up at Penn State. With that though, I will play wherever I can most help the team and live both the linebacker and DE positions.
LJ: When will you be back to visit Penn state?
Nick: My next visit will be Sept. 9th, the Pitt Vs. Penn State game.
LJ: How committed are you to Penn state?
Nick: There’s no other school or team in the world I’d rather be part of then Penn State… 110% committed.
LJ: Before your commitment who was after you the most? Are there any other teams still after you? Who?
Nick: I’d say it was between Pitt, Michigan State, and Maryland. Along with Ohio State coming into factor later. There aren’t really any other teams still after me. But I was just invited to a Pitt game recently.
LJ: What part of your game brings the most impact?
Nick: To me the part of my game that brings the most impact is my physicality. Along with downhill speed.
LJ: What were your numbers last season and what was your High School’s record?
Nick: I had over 100 tackles, 8 sacks, and a couple deflections. We went 6-6. I hate to say it but we lost to Coach Franklins old High School in the first round of the playoffs.
LJ: Growing up, did you always want to play football? How were your parents an influence on your coming up?
Nick: Growing up I’ve always dreamed of playing football and being able to continue to play at the next level. So yes you can definitely say growing up I’ve always wanted to play.  My parents were always there for me and kept me working hard and helped bring out my full potential in which carried me on to be able to have the chance to play college football in the Big 10 for my dream school Penn State.
LJ: You are a top 100 player by rivals. What makes you stand out?
Nick: What makes me standout the most is the way I hit. As well as being able to run, find, and attack the ball.
LJ: What type of defense do you like to play in?
Nick: I like to play in a 3-4. I like to be able to see everything and be a little free at times and situations.
LJ: Penn state is no.6 this season and you have the upcoming season at Pennridge how excited are you to show PSU fans what they got?
Nick: I’m super excited to just get back on the field and do what I love the most. Hopefully with that I will impress and show the fans what I’m all about this season.
LJ: James Franklin just got an extenstion. Have you talked to him since then and how do you feel about your coach getting an what he deserves?
Nick: Yeah we talked a little after he got his extension. I’m so happy and super excited for what coach Franklin received, very well deserved!
LJ: Now i gotta ask you are they any players that you know of that are thinking about committing to PSU?
Nick: I know there’s still a couple out there like Rasheed Walker and company.
LJ: What the PSU fans getting with a player like Nick Tarburton?
Nick: The fans are getting a hard-nosed big football player who loves to hit and get after the ball. Also a player that will match the intensity and passion of the fans, on the field.
LJ: Great player. You got skills kid, you are a top 5 player in Pennsylvania and we’re proud of you.
Nick: Thanks very much sir, I can’t wait to get after it this year.