BREAKING: The Sam Hinkie era is over in Philadelphia


It almost seemed inevitable that after the hiring of Jerry Colangelo, Sam Hinkie would be relieved of his duties..but I don’t think anybody expected it to happen this quickly.

The Sixers have narrowly avoided obtaining the worst record in NBA history with a victory over an injury stricken New Orleans Pelicans side and currently sit on 10 wins and 68 losses.

“The Process” has been one of the more controversial topics to grace the NBA in recent years and has seen a divide grow in fans of the team. Those who are fully onboard and those who aren’t.

However it seems as though times are rapidly changing in Philadelphia as the search for a new GM is already well underway. Surprisingly, Bryan Colangelo could also find himself in the organization.

It’s unknown if Hinkie stepped down or was relieved of his duties, or even what his future holds within the organization. But a new process could well be starting in Philadelphia..


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