BREAKING: Eagles sign third Quarterback

There was a lot of talk about who would take over at Quarterback 3 following the cutting of Tim Tebow and the trade of Matt Barkley. With RGIII rumours flying around whilst Christian Ponder’s name was thrown up hundreds of times, the Eagles have come to a decision and picked up former Jaguars Quarterback Stephen Morris.

After leading his team to a win in pre-season against the Redskins, the undrafted rookie free agent from last season was waived by the team, allowing him to be picked up by the Eagles. He threw for 160 yards and had a 64% pass completion percentage in the fourth game of pre-season, picking up a single touchdown along the way.

In his last season at Miami during 2013, Morris threw for 3028 yards and 21 touchdowns, picking up only 12 interceptions on the season. He had a completion rate of 57.6% for the Hurricanes and was assigned to the Jags practice squad last year.

How Morris will feature into this team remains unknown. He could be active but judging off of what Chip Kelly told the press yesterday, he is quite content keeping a Quarterback in the practice squad knowing full well he can be activated at the snap of a finger, therefore freeing up a roster spot. The probability of this happening is likely as that final roster spot could be used for some depth at another position.