Three bold predictions for Eagles vs Lions

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Sunday’s embarrassing loss saw our bold predictions streak come to an end, but at 8-2…we still have the most accurate weekly prediction series of any site by far. So tomorrow on thanksgiving, we will look to re-ignite our streak as the Eagles travel to Detroit to try and tame the Lions.

Sonic the Sanchize:
Last week the Lions held Derek Carr to just 169 yards and prior to their impressive Packers win (in which they allowed over 300), they kept the Chiefs to 145 passing yards despite a 45-10 loss. With Mark Sanchez throwing three interceptions last week and struggling to make the right decisions, the Lions will be licking their lips as if he were a wild Gazelle. But this Gazelle also happens to possess the ability to run from the pack..

It was infuriating to see so many option plays handed off to Murray when there was so much space on the other side of the field. Had Sanchez taken off at least 3 times, we could have been looking at a vastly different scoreline due to momentum.

With confidence in Sanchez’s arm being minimal, it would not surprise me to see a more balanced gameplan that sees Sanchez taking more option reads and escaping the pocket for extra yards. Especially considering that Detroit have the 24th worst rushing Defense in the league..(they allowed 4 different rushing scorers against the Chiefs).

We’re predicting Sanchez will rush for 75 yards and/or score a rushing touchdown.

No Phly Zone:
Recently, Philadelphia’s trademark “No Phly Zone” has seen a very crowded airspace..but with tensions rising, we’re expecting that to change. Detroit have a very balanced passing game with four receivers having two or more touchdowns this season.

However, Sunday saw arguably the weakest performance we have seen from the Eagles Defense this season and it would be crazy to think that Bill Davis hasn’t addressed the glaring issues. The Secondary has been so good for so long that when it crashed and burned. It didn’t help that Doug Martin was constantly bursting through the trenches and forcing the corners and safeties to make 20+ yard sprints to do a linebackers job.

The Lions are a much more one dimensional team which means if this Secondary can get back to its best and quickly, we could see a much tighter contest due to fatigue playing a much smaller role and a new found fire stemming from pure frustration.

Stafford has thrown at least one pick in all but three games this season, so we’re predicting the Eagles to have at least two interceptions on the day and hold Stafford to under 200 yards of Passing Offense.

Running wild
It’s no lie that all season long the Eagles have struggled on the ground. Without Mathews those struggles continued as Murray was held to just 64 yards.

DeMarco Murray has found it difficult to establish momentum ever since the Dallas win. With only one 100+ yard game to his name, he simply has to improve if this Offense has any chance at all of sustaining drives.

Detroit do tend to struggle against the run as previously noted and with a very pissed off Offensive Line lying ahead of him, this is going to go one of two ways. The first “dominant” performance by the O-Line this season, allowing Murray to run as he did as a Cowboy, or a complete collapse with both peters and Kelce listed as questionable.

We’re predicting the first of the two and the Offensive Line to play with a new found aggression. With Sproles adamant he wants more snaps too, the Eagles could be on for an alternative 1-2 punch that could benefit Murray hugely. We’re predicting a second 100 yard rushing game for Murray and both players to score a touchdown.


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