A Birds Eye View: Day Nine of Eagles Training Camp

The days are flying by and the pads are on, it can only mean one thing. We’re just a few more practices away before we hit the first pre-season friendly. Wednesday marked the ninth day of Training Camp and as always, we have the biggest stories right here!

Don’t sleep on Vinny Curry

We’ve already spoken about Vinny Curry and how he’s going to have a much bigger year than people are expecting and today he showed us why. Curry has been like this all training camp long and showing this kind of character and drive just days before the first pre-season game is definitely encouraging.


Medical Madness:

The birds continued a confusing camp as running back DeMarco Murray missed out chunks of practice. Whether this is the tailback wanting to condition his body or if there is something more serious at stake is a question that will be asked for a long time. It’s not that he’s missing certain sections that’s the worry, it’s the fact he is missing so much. Numerous days off and limited action are one thing but to play things this conservatively is a little alarming.

Following a huge hit with Zach Ertz yesterday, Mychal Kendricks also missed most of practice and was seen limping towards the end of the day. He refused to speak with the media at the end of the day..another slight worry for the Eagles?

Alonso was still absent due to following the Concussion protocol and Jerome Couplin is still recovering from an appendix operation.

Tebow’s weaknesses showing:

As Sam Bradford begins to fly with every single play, Tebow’s old ghosts appear to be haunting him. A few interceptions and the occasional overthrow seem to be re-appearing in Tebow’s game but it’s nowhere near enough to see him lose out to Barkley at QB3.

Corner Competition:

Jaylen Watkins took the first team reps yet again in the competition for Boykin’s old spot but it was E.J Biggers who arguably stole the show. The seven year veteran had a nice pass breakup and has began to show some consistency..something he previously lacked. Denzel Rice stumbled whilst attacking Riley Cooper before making up for it by swatting down a Tebow pass for Ajirotutu.

Agholor impresses further:

Having already wow’ed Byron Maxwell earlier today, making the former LOB member to make very encouraging comments about his game, the USC star took his game up one notch further. His route running has been praised all camp long but today it was amplified. Imagine LeSean McCoy’s cuts as a wide receiver but with the pace of DeSean Jackson..that’s Nelson Agholor. He leaps like a Salmon to make sure he comes down with the ball and seems to keep his hands very close to his chest..something even veteran receivers struggle with.