Former Giants punter disrespects Eagles ahead of MNF

Former Giants Punter Steve Weatherford has taken yet another jab at the Philadelphia Eagles..but this time on a much larger and disrespectful scale.

Weatherford is renowned for his beef with the Eagles after a twitter feud sparked Eagles players to force the punter into backtracking more than the cast of Scooby Doo but this time..he’s gone one step too far.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 02.19.47

This is the picture sparking the controversy, the iconic Rocky statue in Philadelphia..defaced with a New York Giants jersey. The shameless punter shared the image on Facebook stating:

#TeamWeatherford has invaded the city of brotherly love…. 
Can’t wait to see my brothers get to work on #MNF 
Photo Cred: @Teddyv28 via Twitter #NYG #Giants

If fans didn’t already want to see the Eagles win more than ever ..they do now.

But on the plus side..

But to soften the blow, here’s Weatherford being roasted by the Philadelphia Eagles after he began to criticise the QB situation heading into training’re welcome.