Battle for third string QB may already be over

With Training Camp now just 24 hours away, the talk of who’s going to get the starting Quarterback role in Philadelphia has only increased. But the talk of the third string Quarterback has somewhat diminished, why? The battle may be all but over.

For us, there’s only one man who’s coming out of Training Camp as a number three and that man is Tim Tebow. Here are three reasons why:

Barkley still listed for trade:

Whilst it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, 2013 Draft Pick Matt Barkley is still listed for trade and reports suggests the wanted returns are not that great. The saga has been going on for months, with the sole Quarterback to be drafted by Chip Kelly rumoured to have been in trade talks prior to Tebow signing with the team. The Eagles have already shown signs that they are ready to move on from Barkley, which strengthens Tebow’s position.. but the question is would any team want to pick him up?

The pressure is on for Barkley:

Disappointment is the word that springs to mind when discussing the USC product’s career. Barkley has been quiet in the limited game time he has had whilst his arm strength has shown huge weakness. Whilst the birds have spoken about how Barkley has improved, if he had improved THAT much then he wouldn’t once again be under trade speculation. So with the odds of Barkley keeping the number three role being significantly dented, it makes Training Camp even more important. Anything short of brilliant here could see Tebow sail into the roster.

Teammate confidence:

As a Quarterback, your job is to lead the team. So having confidence from those around you is crucial, especially as the Coach is going to see who of the two has the most faith shown from the other players. Again, that could be an uphill struggle for Barkley. Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham recently partook in a radio interview for WGPR 107.5FM and said the following,”Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people, because he is going to make the team, And I think he will play a lot.” You don’t tend to hear that talk about Barkley..

We could be wrong, Chip Kelly may decide to give Matt Barkley one more shot at the big time but you have to look at it this way. LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are three of the biggest names to find their futures elsewhere since Chip’s reign began..and they had impressive years behind them. Whilst work ethic may lack, Tebow’s doesn’t. Constant videos of intense training schemes surface whilst Barkley is yet to show his dedication and motivation to the team.

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