Hurricanes upstage Flyers twice in a week

The penultimate game of the season took a rather disappointing turn on Thursday night at the Wells Fargo Center. It seemed like the emotion watching episode three of a TV show as opposed to a finale. We have been used to seeing incredible results and some extremely physical lately, none of which were apparent tonight.

Perhaps it’s because of the difference in quality between the recent opponents. This wasn’t a rivalry game against the Penguins or a clash with Chicago…but the Carolina Hurricanes.

Whilst the was dramatic, the Flyers lost, 3-1 meaning the Canes take the season sweep 4-1.

Despite the impressive results against teams vying for playoff contention, Berube has now lost 12 consecutive games against teams who are unable to make the playoffs. An extremely alarming statistic.

It was Carolina who struck first when Brett Bellamore found the back of the net and was then able to help find a goal on the power play before Sean Couturier scored to bring Philly back within touching distance. Carolina were handed an empty net late on to finish the job and for the second time in seven days, beat the Flyers.

Vinny Lecavalier had two fights in the game against Keegan Lowe in acts of frustration. Lowe took the upper hand in the first but Vinny came back for revenge when the two clashed again making a big statement.

Ray Emery started in what may well be his last appearance Flyer going up against Cam Ward. If this is to be his final game, he went out swinging, performing well with 24 saves.

The Flyers had two contrasting results on the power play. Despite going 0 for 2 on the night they were able to fend off five power plays from Carolina out of six, the one they couldn’t contain unfortunately led to a goal. It’s a shame because when you look at the talent the Flyers put out on a Power Play, you expect them to score. Giroux had been in fine form as of late but was unable to make anything happen during the advantageous stages.

The Flyers go into their final game of the season with a sense of confusion as Berube will look to rebuild before the encounter against a Senators team who are still in the hunt for post season Hockey. Do the Flyers have enough energy for one last fight? Only one way to find out..