Three reasons why Manziel becoming an Eagle makes sense

April Fools day was six days ago and it appears a few people may have mistimed their a few days. Rumours have surfaced from various sources that there is a proposed trade between Philadelphia and Cleveland which would see Sam Bradford head to the Browns in exchange for last years 22nd round pick in the NFL Draft. As crazy as it may seem, here’s why this could not only work, but be more beneficial to the team than all three of their current QB’s.

3.) Feeding a mad man We have all established by now that the Chip Kelly revolution in Philadelphia is well underway. The off-season moves we have seen have been nothing short of shocking. The Browns had already offered the Eagles a first round pick for Bradford..a trade that they declined. Who’s to say that this isn’t a deal sweetener? Think about it. Manziel didn’t exactly shine in his rookie season and is in rehab to address personal issues. He could come out a completely different player. Kelly has a tendency to re-invent players and the one thing we saw from Johnny Football was his favor towards running the ball himself. He’s a very athletic QB..and how many option plays Chip Kelly run? A lot. The Browns may well have sweet talked the Eagles coach into seeing a whole new side to Johnny Manziel. manzielpic2.) The bigger picture So let’s say this trade goes ahead. It gives Kelly a first round pick and one of the most talked about stars in Football. Who’sto say that this trade won’t see Manziel playing in midnight green and sees him become another part of the jigsaw so Chip can chase Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Marcus Mariota. Perhaps a team like the Jets s or Titans would relish the chance of acquiring Manziel in the hope he improves given more playing time. If Winston does go to the Bucs, it will make Mariota the next most sought after QB.

If the Eagles traded their current picks and Manziel, not only would a team like the Jets attain a QB who is just begging for time under the spotlight but also a pick to address other needs in the team. However if they decide not to trade Manziel but find a way to acquire Mariota, expect Barkley to be on the move. Mariota, Sanchez and Manziel as your three quarterbacks? Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound exciting..

1.) Manziel COULD run the offense with the right guidance  Put down your pitch forks and let me explain! Remember in 2013, when under Andy Reid, Nick Foles was looking to be a solid backup and nothing more? When the high tempo offense was introduced and Nick Foles stepped up to the plate, he set NFL records. Foles sent 27 straight touchdowns to the house and formed incredible relationships on the field with his team, obtaining admiration and respect as he became their new leader. Foles was not built like a “Chip kelly Prototype”. Manziel is. He’s fast, unpredictable (if not inconsistent) and loves the spotlight. Remind you of anyone?…

IF this trade goes through and Manziel DOES become the new leader of the birds offence, it may not be all doom and gloom. Bradford and Sanchez have both had countless injury scares. If both fell injured, responsibility falls to Barkley..who’s own ego has proven bigger than his bicep. It’s a shame but Barkley doesn’t really have a sustainable future in Philly. Wouldn’t Manziel at third string seem a much more viable option? It would sell merchandise from a business stand point, create hype and give Johnny Football a second chance to kick start his career in one of the most explosive offences in the league. When you add petrol to fire, the explosion only gets bigger.

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