Brandon Manning re-signs with Flyers

24 year old Brandon Manning said on Thursday that he hoped to re-sign with the Flyers. His wish come true just 24 hours later.

Defenseman Manning agreed to a one-year, NHL Only deal with the Flyers, meaning we won’t be seeing him play for Leigh Valley anytime soon with the deal being reported to be worth around $625,000.

The Flyers are now flooded with defensemen next season with their roster count currently at seven who have also can’t be sent to the minors. Those seven still don’t include breakout star Michael Del Zotto, who is expected to be pinned down to the Flyers long term over the next few weeks.

There is always the possibility of defensive draft picks with some great talent looking to break into the league. However these deals should they come to fruition will be two way deals, giving them time to develop in the minors with the possibility of being called up.

It’s obvious which direction Berube is looking to take the team, but will this flood of defenseman remove the problems..or simply add to them?