Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Facts you didn’t know!

We’re just a few months away from Football season as fantasy football hype starts to build, season previews emerge and analysts worldwide try to predict who will be lifting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the year. With so much attention being places on Chip Kelly’s Eagles, we decided to give you five facts about this years players that you didn’t know!

5) Family Fortunes

Jordan Matthews isn’t the only man in his family to succeed playing Football, not is he the only receiver. He is actually related to San Francisco 49ers legend, hall of fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice. Matthews has already been touted to have a breakout season, is he destined for the same glory Jerry Rice achieved?

4) Business Brent:

Brent Celek isn’t just a dynamic part in the Philadelphia Eagles Offense, but he’s actually quite an established businessman. Away from the lights at the Linc and the emphatic catches through the winter, Celek actually runs a restaurant and the clothing brand “REVISIT”..let’s just hope his clothing products aren’t a bit…”tight”….

3) Say What?

Believe it or not, Connor Barwin was actually born completely deaf! Hearing in his left ear is still not 100% today but if that’s not an inspirational story that you can do anything in life regardless of your situation..I don’t know what is. If you ask me, that’s #Barwinning!

2) Fantastic Mr Foles

Former Eagles QB and fan favourite Nick Folean dynamite had an explosive 2013 season prior to his somewhat mediocre start to last year. What you may not know however is that Foles joins Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, and Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks in NFL history with 250 yards, 4 touchdowns and a perfect passer rating after just two quarters.

1) Clouded judgement:

Back in 1988, the Eagles faced the Chicago Bears in a playoff game..or tried too. The fog was so thick that the players weren’t actually able to see the think your seats are bad at some games? The fans in attendance couldn’t even see the field!! The refs had to essentially commentate on the game for the fans who were trying to figure out where the players actually were!

Bonus fact:

When Tim Tebow has a thought, it’s a “Christian Ponder”..

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