Slow starting Sixers come up short against Celtics

In one of the slower first quarters of the season for the 76’ers, the Celtics took full advantage to bury their opposition early on. Despite no lead ever really being safe in the NBA, this one was about as secure as it could be as the Sixers struggled to stay within touching distance.

The troubles started early on for the Sixers when they went down 7-0 in the opening stages of the first which by the midpoint had tripled for the Celtics and ended up being 38-18 at the end of Q1.

The gap continued to open, it was like watching a high school team take on an NBA franchise. The Sixers lacked creativity, pace and shape as the Celtics exploited it at every possible situation. The gap grew to 27 points by the halfway point. A point of no return for the Sixers.

Having scored just 34 points in the entire first two quarters, the Sixers doubled their score in the third quarter but it was too little too late. The game was dictated by the explosive scoring in the first quarter and after that the Sixers were destined to be fighting a losing battle. The Celtics shot 66.7% in the first quarter whilst not committing a single turnover, to the Sixers’ measly 30.4 percent.

The Sixers came into Monday’s loss ranked last in the NBA in first-quarter scoring and it showed big time. Nerlens Noel started at center and finished the game with a team-high 18 points picking up 7 rebounds. A small silver lining for Philly fans.

The Sixers have to rebuild before their next game at home against the Pistons on Wednesday. But can they pick themselves back up after such a crushing loss?