Cole Hamels to leave Phillies?

Trade rumors have been swirling around Cole Hamels for quite some time now, and with the news of Cliff Lee’s elbow injury, there has been “action in the last couple of days” according to Ruben Amaro Jr.

Lee would have been ideal trade bait last season if he hadn’t originally injured his elbow back in May. He returned in July with just enough time to prove his health before the trade deadline, but ultimately ended up on the disabled list again.

Lee’s situation is a very frightening reminder of the risk the Phillies are willing to take with Cole Hamels. It’s no secret that Hamels listed and has been for a long time. His value is excellent and you can understand why the Phillies would be willing to draw it out for as long as possible before taking any action to see just how far they can push it. But every time the 31 year old throws a pitch, there is risk that his value could decrease or completely evaporate with a similar injury.

It will be interesting to see if Lee’s situation proves to be a catalyst for the Phils to cash in on Hamels.Teams that are interested in Hamels will be praying that they do. There were plenty of Scouts who flocked to Hamels’ first start of the spring on Friday against the Yankees and the same is expected to happen next week.

With teams such as the Red Sox peeking through the keyhole, is Hamels going to stay in Philly this year?