Can the Sixers tame the Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls hardly resemble a team desperately trying to for a top-four seed in the Eastern Conference with three of their top five scorers out. Rose, Butler and Gibson are all absent as they roll into Philadelphia. But can an inconsistent Sixers team stir the pot yet again?

In terms of the standings, it could be a struggle for the Bulls to cling on by the skin of their teeth to a top four spot so it’s important they make the games against far less intimidating opponents count. They simply have to capitalize tonight against a Sixers team who could put in a performance like they did against Atlanta…or a performance like they did against the Bucks.

The 76ers have lost nine of their last eleven but were able to snap a four-game losing streak with that huge upset win over the Hawks on Saturday. The Hawks rested three players and the Bulls are without three top scorers, is this a coincidence? Can the Sixers do it again? The Sixers were down by as many as 16 points before they locked down defensively and held the Hawks to double that total in the second half. Nerlens Noel and Canaan have been the major talking points as of late, with Noel having a breakout run of games. Not only is the man denying just about every NBA star there is, he’s also proving to be more than efficient when it comes to putting numbers on the boards.

The Chicago Bulls will be eager to snap a three-game losing stretch after falling to the Grizzlies by 101-91 on Monday night but will have to do so without the firepower they’re renowned for and against a team who have a tendency to be overlooked and to spring some surprises. If the Sixers are going to win, they simply have to contain Paul Gasol. Gasol who stands at 2.13 Metres, shot 13 points and 11 rebounds against Memphis. If Noels gets matched against him and can stop the only real firepower they have left, then I think the Sixers could spring yet another surprise. The Bulls are 1-4 in their last 5 meetings, will that become 1-5 in their last six?

Prediction- Chicago- 84-97 Philadelphia