Crushing Overtime Loss for the Flyers as hope of a Playoff place plummit

Boston’s Brad Marchand worked harder than ever during the offseason to be a lot more conservative so he can attack late in games. The Bruins were sure glad he was out there Saturday.

Marchand not only scored the tying goal but also the game-winner in a 3-2 overtime victory against the Philadelphia Flyers, shattering the hearts of fans everywhere who knew that being 3 points behind prior to the game, this was simply a must win.

It was looking promising for the Flyers in the third though. After going 1-0 down early on, the team fought back to take a one goal lead against the Bruins. Then, just as everyone thinks the nail is in the coffin..with 14.1 seconds left in regulation, Marchand struck, tipping a shot past goaltender Steve Mason for a power-play goal. From that moment there was an unnerving atmosphere around the arena. The travelling Flyers fans were watching a trainwreck. It was a case of physically not being able to look away as it unfolds despite wishing you could wake up from a bad dream. With 1:08 remaining in Overtime after a brave fight from the Flyers, it happened. Marchand struck again, this time firing a backhand shot that rebounded in off of defenseman Michael Del Zotto’s skate.

Steve Mason however simply cannot be criticised. He did his job and did it very well with 34 saves. Del Zotto also had a great game, as did the entire defense for the most part as they played a tight checking game.

The Flyers came into the game having successfully killed off 90% of their last 10 opponent power plays faced. They gave up an early goal to Zdeno Chara, essentially because they were not aggressive enough. There was no flair and it looked as if they had decided to park the bus and just stick together in a small space.

Saturday’s showdown at TD Garden was the final times the gladiators will collide this season. It wasn’t just a “must-win” for both, it was a game where neither team could afford to give the other a point by going into overtime or shootout. It’s not all bad news for Philly as the gap extends to four as opposed to five. The hockey being played was convincing and despite an early disadvantage, it was a good GAME for the Flyers, as opposed to just a good third period. But it’s going to take something extremely special if we’re to see the Broadstreet Bullies make the playoffs as we go into the final ten games.