Eagles face Maclin Franchise Tag Dilemma

Time is running out for the Eagles to decide if they wish to place the franchise player tag on Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin. The team have until Monday at 4PM to designate the tag which they could use on any pending free agent to keep them off of the open market, away from bidding competition.

If tagged, the 2014 returnee could sign the tender for about $13 million. OLB Brandon Graham is the Eagles’ other potential option, however the tag number for linebackers is at a staggering $13.7 million.

The tag would be used to buy time if the party feels like it’s close to making a deal or extend the window to negotiate a much closer one. The tag has been used previously on Michael Vick in 2011 and DeSean Jackson in 2012. Both signed long term deals, however moved teams a few years later after Andy Reid took his talents to the Chiefs.

Should the tag remain unused, it would leave the Birds just eight days to negotiate a deal before any of the 31 teams can swoop in to try and sign Maclin, who was without question the best receiver for Philly last season.