Eagles 2022 game-by-game predictions: Playoff bound?

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 12: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles barks out the signals during second half of the 2021 Week 1 NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles on September 12, 2021 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

The 2022 NFL Schedule is upon us, which means it’s naturally time to look into the crystal ball and forecast what the Eagles’ record will be this upcoming season.

Week 1: @ Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions may have gotten a little better this offseason, but there is a reason that they’re the only team without a primetime matchup in 2022. Darius Slay won’t want to lose against his former team and this Eagles offense should have more than enough firepower to get past a pretty weak secondary.

Oh, and Jared Goff is still the quarterback, so that’s automatically a win.

Prediction W (1-0)

Week 2: Vs Minnesota Vikings

The home opener is always a season highlight, and the fact that the Vikings are coming to town for the occasion makes it even more exciting. These two teams just can’t seem to escape each other, whether it’s Justin Jefferson-related, or Super Bowl 52/playoff-related.

This is honestly a coin-flip. The Vikings will really test this secondary and if there is no viable CB2 by this point, things could heat up very quickly. Due to the fact that the Eagles are at home, I’m going to ride Philadelphia here.

Prediction: W (2-0)

Week 3: @ Washington Commanders

Lol. W

Prediction: W (3-0)

Week 4: Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Is there a chance the Eagles go 4-0 to start the season? Absolutely. Doug Pederson’s return to Philadelphia will be wholesome for all of about 20 minutes before it turns sour. The Eagles have more than enough talent to handle business here.

Prediction: W (4-0)

Week 5: @ Arizona Cardinals

The good news here is that the Eagles will face a Cardinals offense without DeAndre Hopkins. However, this will be the first top-tier QB they’ve faced, and we all know how they did against strong QB’s last year.

Haason Reddick may be the equalizer here as someone who’s played with Murray for a sufficient amount of time and is one of the league’s most prominent pass-rushing threats, but I do feel like the Cardinals may be a team just a little too complete for the time being.

Prediction: L (4-1)

Week 6: Vs Dallas Cowboys

Let’s be honest, there’s not much of a rivalry here anymore. It’s been pretty lopsided in recent years and if you take away week 17 matchups, the Eagles haven’t won any of their last 7 games against Dallas.

The good news is that the Cowboys look to have taken a step back while the Eagles have taken a giant leap forward.

On home turf, I think the Birds will be able to finally change their fortunes here.

Prediction: W (5-1)

Week 7: BYE

Prediction: I might try and complete ‘Dragonforce: Through the fire and the flames’ on Expert on Guitar Hero 3.

Week 8: Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This is going to be a grueling matchup, but the Eagles are at home and coming off a bye-week. Are they ready to go toe-to-toe with a team like Pittsburgh? it’s going to be a really tough ask and I think the Steelers’ defense might get the better of Jalen Hurts here.

The reality of the situation is that at 5-1 and with a couple of easy games on deck, they don’t have to let this game dictate the morale for the rest of the season. A loss here isn’t the end of the world.

Prediction: L (5-2)

Week 9: @ Houston Texans

This should be another pretty easy win without much in the way of an explanation being needed.

That provides the perfect recipe for a trap game. The Texans aren’t exactly going to be a world-class team next season, but they’ll be at home and smell blood in the water after the Eagles drop a game to the Steelers. There’s a game like this every year, it’s just finding out which team the Eagles will struggle against for no logical reason whatsoever.

Prediction: L (5-3)

Week 10: Vs Washington Commanders

What better time to play angry football than against Carson Wentz upon his return to the Linc?

Prediction: W (6-3)

Week 11: @ Indianapolis Colts

Another return?! Nick Sirianni heads back to his old stomping ground to say hello to Frank Reich and company. The Colts are an intriguing team and one that really should’ve made the playoffs last year. Jonathan Taylor is a monster but Matt Ryan has lost 3 of his last 4 games against the Eagles.

Philly walks out with the win.

Prediction: W (7-3)

Week 12: Vs Green Bay Packers

Aaaaand then they’ll come back down to earth. The Packers might be falling apart at the seams, but Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best arms in football and will probably find some absurd way to win, by catching his own 80-yard pass or something.

Prediction: L (7-4)

Week 13: Vs Tennessee Titans

The A.J Brown revenge game promises to be a fun one. Derrick Henry and the world’s best mentor, Ryan Tannehill will look to stop the Eagles from regaining momentum into the closing stint of the season. Stopping the run hasn’t really been the issue for this Eagles defense, and now Tannehill is without A.J Brown. Sure, there’s a fun rookie to keep an eye on, but this is a very winnable game.

A.J Brown o/u 150 yards challenge.

Prediction: W (8-4)

Week 14: @ New York Giants


Prediction: W (9-4)

Week 15: @ Chicago Bears

The Bears are a hot mess right now. Not much more needs to be said.

Prediction: W (10-4)

Week 16: @ Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys in Jerry world is a very different challenge for this Eagles team and it’s one they’ve failed to complete in recent years. Splitting the series with Dallas would be a step in the right direction anyway.

Prediction: L (10-5)

Week 17: Vs New Orleans Saints

The Saints are always hyped up to be this amazing team with a terrifying run defense, but Jalen Hurts is 2-0 against them. I think he’ll complete the hat-trick here.

Prediction: W (11-5)

Week 18: Vs New York Giants

With the division secured, the Eagles send out the backups to compete against the Giants and suffer a loss that nobody cares about.

Prediction: L (11-6)

See you in the postseason.

Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire