Winners and Losers from Haason Reddick signing

Haason Reddick
CHARLOTTE, NC – NOVEMBER 21: Haason Reddick (43) outside linebacker of Carolina during an NFL football game between the Washington Football Team and the Carolina Panthers on November 21, 2021, at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. (Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire)

The Philadelphia Eagles made one of the biggest splashes to start free agency on Monday with the signing of versatile LB, Haason Reddick. He has experience as both a powerful edge rusher, and cover LB.

Haason Reddick has totaled 23.5 sacks over the last two years and has not missed a game in his career. It’s a move that instantly helps a defense that was in desperate need for top playmakers along the defensive line. There are plenty of winners and even some losers with this deal so let’s go through them.

Winner – Jonathan Gannon

People can argue all they want on the inconsistencies of the Eagles defense last year. Some blame Gannon for a poor defensive strategy, while some blame the execution. It’s very clear though that the talent level was a huge issue for the team last year.

Bottom of the league in overall sacks, a poor LB group, and a lack of true playmakers in the front seven opened a massive whole for a team that hasn’t really been in this situation before.

It’s clear this Reddick signing is a huge win for Gannon though. Gannon now has a defensive player he can use in a Micah Parsons sort of role in that he can play anywhere.

A lot of people have large questions surrounding the type of coach Gannon is. We will be able to get a better gauge of that after this season and how he uses his top players.

Losers – Derek Barnett

A player that has more penalties than overall sacks through his career, this move basically ends Barnett’s career with the Eagles. The fans will appreciate his rookie year that saw him make impactful players in the Super Bowl run, but left fans frustrated in the long term.

Barnett could make a lot of money on the open market, but the amount of mistakes made with pre-snap and post-play penalties will certainly hurt his overall market. As a young pass rusher, it’s normally easy to see a player like Barnett is one of the first players taken in free agency.

It’s very clear that Barnett’s name not being used in conversations is clear just how poorly the league thinks of him and his penalty issues.

Winners – Howie Roseman

It was reported that Roseman and the Eagles front office suffered a massive wake-up call after the 2020 disaster season. The report stated the Eagles had learned a lot from the 4-11-1 season and are looking to start from scratch at a lot of places.

It’s clear Howie Roseman has learned from his mistakes big time. Signing Reddick shows that Roseman understands the team’s true weaknesses and will look to improve the overall roster. It’s a signing that is a sure-fire win. Reddick is a three year deal for a player in his 20’s. To get an average of $15 million for a top pass rusher is an absolute win.

Good work from Howie Roseman.

Losers – Genard Avery

The Eagles traded for Avery back in 2019 to use as a swiss-army knife of sorts.

His overall production has been less than ideal. It’s clear the trade was not a good one and he probably will be on the roster bubble after this signing. Haasan Reddick will most likely take Avery’s downs and then some as a SAM LB who can play all over the field.

It’s a clear upgrade for the team and not so good for Genard Avery.

Winners – Brandon Graham

Graham is going to be 34 this year and coming off a season-ending injury. The Eagles needed to have someone who can rush the passer consistently like Graham to alleviate some pressure from the longest tenured Eagle. Enter Haason Reddick.

Some may say that the Eagles paying Reddick will keep Graham off the field, but that is not necessarily the case. A pass rush with Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat and Haason Reddick is a formidable front seven. It also will keep Graham nice and fresh to extend productivity in his career.

Losers – Every Other Eagles LB

Howie Roseman has a knowledgeable pulse on where the team needs to improve. With the signing of Reddick, the Eagles know they need to address the front seven in a major way this offseason. That doesn’t mean edge rushers either.

Philly is in desperate need of a top LB that can command the huddle and be the leader on the field. There are plenty of options in both the draft and free agency.

The move for Reddick just means that they aren’t done building this defense, and it’s clear that the Eagles are going to be addressing the next need for this roster. With Reddick already there, the Eagles are sure to be looking at other LB’s soon.

Winners – The City of Philadelphia

There are not many chances to get a top player in free agency that has experience in college and youth in Philadelphia. Reddick played college ball at Temple and actually lived right outside the city of Philadelphia. It’s such an easy win for the city and fanbase that there aren’t many downsides here.

Eagles get a good one, the fans get one of their beloved players back and a player comes home.

Haason Reddick gets it.

Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire