6 veteran wideouts the Eagles could pair with DeVonta Smith

NFL: OCT 03 Washington Football Team at Falcons
ATLANTA, GA Ð OCTOBER 03: Atlanta wide receiver Calvin Ridley (18) looks into the crowd while walking off the field following the conclusion of the NFL game between the Washington Football Team and the Atlanta Falcons on October 3rd, 2021 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire)

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of work ahead of them going into this offseason. There are several holes on the roster that must be filled before the start of training camp and unsurprisingly, wide receiver is one of them after yet another year of instability.

While filling that spot through the draft can be enticing for several reasons, the team would be wise to invest in a veteran receiver instead. Smith’s rookie contract would be easy to manage until 2025 which gives the Eagles enough time to get that number two guy and prepare the cap for that season. 

Here’s a couple of the guys that would be good fits with DeVonta Smith:

DK Metcalf 

This one is wild. How could the Eagles pry Metcalf from the claws of the Seahawks? Well, over the weekend it was reported that D.K could be had for a 1st round pick. The Seahawks are currently heading into the 2022 NFL draft with zero picks in the first round. The Eagles currently have three picks in this year’s first-round but don’t have to send all of them. It’s possible that the team could make a blockbuster move for Metcalf and Wilson but the price may be too steep for Roseman to budge on.

If that’s the case then you go with the lesser of two evils. Make the move for Metcalf and get yourself a bonafide receiver that plays above the rim and has the freakish speed for a big man. Pairing him with Smith would alleviate a lot of the pressure that’s currently on Smitty and allow him to perform at a higher level. Metcalf is the perfect match for what the Eagles need.

Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson exploded onto the scene as one of the next top wideouts in the league which led to him cashing in on the wrong team. Robinson signed with the Chicago Bears back in 2018 with the hope that Mitchell Trubisky would be something. Well, we’re currently in 2022 and Trubisky is a backup on the Bills while the Bears are playing keep away from Robinson.

It hasn’t turned out the way that Robinson had hoped for but that doesn’t mean the guy is no longer talented. Plug him into the right offense and I’m sure Robinson will be a household name once again. The Eagles could use him because just like Metcalf, Robinson can play above the rim and has a very unique catch radius. He’s another great match for Smitty in Philly, but could be pricey in terms of contractual value. However, it offsets as his arrival would allow the Eagles to retain their picks. The only downfall I can see is if the Eagles’ QB situation worries him. Hurts isn’t known for his great passing ability which could scare him off but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Calvin Ridley

This is my pick because it makes too much sense. If Jalen Hurts is your guy and you drafted one of his good friends then why not trade for one of his closest friends who just so happens to be unhappy in Atlanta. Ridley may cost a first or second-round pick but he’d be worth it by far. He’s only 27-years-old and has been a productive receiver even while having Julio Jones lined up beside him. 

The Eagles could benefit a lot from having Ridley as his game is similar to DeVonta Smith’s. Both receivers are great route runners that can only get better with time and both receivers are capable of making some big-time catches. If this is the only move on the table for the Eagles then it’s one of the better moves for the team.

Mike Williams

Who else wanted Mike Williams back in 2017?! Or should I ask, who didn’t want him back in 2017?! While it’s taken him some time to truly develop under the shadow of Keenan Allen, Williams is finally coming into his own at the right time. Injuries have nagged him for the majority of his career but when he’s on the field, he’s a big threat to opposing defenses.

Williams fits the mold of Robinson and Metcalf but the biggest concern is injury history. One of his better seasons came back in 2019 when he played 15 games and had 49 receptions for 1,001 receiving yards but only two touchdowns. That season he averaged a career-high 20 yards per catch. Since then he’s averaged about 15 yards per catch but he’s been efficient nonetheless. Again, the only concern has been those nagging injuries along the way.

Michael Gallup

This one is a little spicy. I know you’re all scarred by the former Cowboys players that come to Philly and just play terribly, then rant on national television about how mad they are that they were cut, BUT it’s Michael freaking Gallup. Gallup has been a stud since landing in Dallas but has been held back due to the commitment towards Amari Cooper and now CeeDee Lamb. 

Michael Gallup is like the Jaylen Brown of the NFL. A player would be a star on his own team but has been stuck in the shadow of his peers for too long. The Eagles should absolutely check in on Gallup as he checks off on all of the necessary boxes. He plays above the rim when needed, he has the speed to break away and he’s consistent unlike…R… let me stop. 

Jarvis Landry

This one would be an interesting move. Landry has been through a lot with Miami and Cleveland but he’s also been injured a lot in both cities. Is he a big-time talent? Absolutely but would the Eagle want to take on a player that reminds them of Alshon Jeffery? No. I would’ve loved this move if it was before the Cleveland trade but it just seems like it would cause a setback to the wide receiver group. If Landry is injured while playing with the Eagles then the team would have to rely on their current issues which are counterproductive at this point. 

Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire