Rumor Mill: Taking a Look at Recent Sixers Trade News

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 07: Shirts line the seats of the Wells Fargo Center for fans before the Eastern Conference Semifinal Game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on May 07, 2018 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

With just two weeks remaining until the NBA Trade Deadline on February 10th, the Sixers are still involved in tons of rumors regarding Ben Simmons. It has been recently reported that the Sixers have said to be discussing possible trades with the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, and newly interested Charlotte Hornets.

Atlanta Hawks

It was reported a few weeks ago that the Sixers and Hawks were engaged in trade discussions surrounding Ben Simmons and John Collins. It was reported that once the Sixers tried to add Tobias Harris into trade talks, the Hawks became uninterested. Hoopshype revealed the potential deal that the Sixers may have been interested in with the Hawks.

The scenario discussed included the 76ers trading Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris to the Hawks for John Collins, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Danilo Gallinari. Talks stalled once the Hawks determined they didn’t want to take on Harris and didn’t want to try to flip him to a third team.

John Collins would be the prize here and would be a good fit next to Joel Embiid. He’s athletic, which would help with rebounding. He is also a solid shooter who can space the floor and is a willing shooter. He could also be utilized with Tyrese Maxey as a pick and roll partner. Bogdanovic and Gallinari would add much-needed spacing and shot creation to a team lacking in the latter. Both are on cheaper deals than Simmons and Harris and much more moveable than Simmons/Harris, who combined make close to $80 million dollars.

Charlotte Hornets

It has been reported by The Athletic that the Hornets are the latest team to put in an inquiry to the 76ers in regards to Simmons. Assuming trade talks began, Daryl Morey would more than likely be interested in LaMelo Ball or Miles Bridges, with both players probably being untouchable. More realistic targets would likely end up being Gordan Hayward and Terry Rozier. Would Daryl Morey be interested in a return from the Hornets?

Sacramento Kings

There have been many rumors surrounding the Sixers and Kings trade discussions. Philadelphia has been rumored to be interested in Tyrese Haliburton and would also like to package Tobias Harris in any deal with the Kings. The Kings have leaked to reporters that Tyrese Haliburton and De’Aaron Fox are not on the trade block and want to build around them. This week the Kings lost to the Celtics by 53 and allowed the Atlanta Hawks to score 46 points in the second quarter on their way to their second blowout loss. The pressure is on the Kings to make a move very soon.

Bonus: Brooklyn Nets?

Probably the least important of all the rumors approaching the trade deadline as it’s the least likely to happen. One of the biggest recent rumors involving the Sixers has been the reignited interest in James Harden. Whatever you feel about the rumors, it seems clear that Brooklyn has no interest in trading Harden mid-season. Maybe the offseason will bring more news on a Harden deal.

As we get closer to the deadline, the rumors will continue to heat up, and PSN will be right there to inform you of all the news.