The Hawks Are Open for Business, Should the Sixers Go Shopping?

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The Sixers have been involved in trade conversations with the Atlanta Hawks surrounding Ben Simmons, according to multiple sources. According to Bleacher Reports’ Jake Fisher, the Hawks are now “open for business.” The question remains though, should the Sixers go shopping?

Considering the Hawk’s interest in Ben Simmons and the Sixers’ interest in trading Ben Simmons, the obvious answer is yes but just who from Atlanta should the Sixers be targeting? That’s actually a long list as the Hawks boast a lot of what the Sixers need, athletic shooters.

From Philadelphia native De’Andre Hunter to Kevin Hueter to even Danilo Gallinari, there are plenty of players on the Atlanta Hawks that should interest Daryl Morey. Some players are more of the complete package than others, but, at the end of the day, the Sixers would be better with nearly any player from the Hawks on their roster.

It all starts with the ever frustrated John Collins, of course. Collins, the fifth-year man out of Wake Forrest, has looked impressive during his relatively short career. With the ability to leap outside of the gym and stretch the floor, Collins would be a much-improved fit next to Joel Embiid (assuming Tobias Harris is traded). Collins has already been linked to the Sixers, and while Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Daryl Morey was not interested, the assumed reason is due to Tobias Harris‘ presence.

Likely, without Harris, Morey would have been/would be intrigued by Collins and the combination of whatever else from Cam Reddish (now a NY Knick), Bogdan Bogdanovic, or whomever else.

Speaking of Bogdanovic, he’s certainly another player for Philadelphia to watch. With legitimate size (6’6), and a fantastic outside shot, Bogdanovic would be a dream fit replacing either Seth Curry or Danny Green in the starting lineup or could run off the bench for Doc Rivers squad.

The names continue to roll from there, and we could certainly take the time to look at each individual name (and we will), but for now, the point remains that the Sixers would be wise to continue to window shop when it comes to Atlanta. There are too many players who fit perfectly around Joel Embiid to let this opportunity just pass by.

Whether the deal involves Ben Simmons or otherwise, the Sixers should be looking to make a deal with the Atlanta Hawks. If they fail to do so, they may regret that decision for some time to come.