How badly do the Eagles need a clear WR2?

NFL: NOV 01 Cowboys at Eagles
PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 01: Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jalen Reagor (18) walks to the locker room after the first half during the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles on November 01, 2020 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

The Eagles are in an odd position right now offensively. The chains are moving thanks to the run game but the passing game seems involve only two players – Dallas Goedert and DeVonta Smith. While both are explosive playmakers, what happens when defenses take those guys away?

We know DeVonta Smith is a stellar route-runner and can get separation at any point while Dallas Goedert has a great catch radius and can get you plenty of yards after the catch almost every time down but what about the others?

Quez Watkins has seemingly disappeared in recent weeks and former first-round pick, Jalen Reagor, is having a terrible season, and Greg Ward Jr hasn’t been a factor all year. Could it be the limited offense that they’re running due to the development of Jalen Hurts? We know that Jalen is extremely picky in terms of where he wants to place the ball, but what gives?

The Eagles have three first-round picks this offseason and while the consensus is saying that they should either invest all three into the defense or trade them for a top-flight QB; I’m of the mindset that you have to get another young playmaker to line up opposite of DeVonta Smith.

The coaching staff has shown that they either don’t know how to use Jalen Reagor or maybe they’re not impressed with his work ethic. We’ve seen Reagor let up on routes and just give up on plays, but the locker room hasn’t turned against him which speaks volumes to the culture that Sirianni has created. Unfortunately, Jalen Reagor’s father feels differently.

Recently he took to Twitter to throw a shot at the lack of opportunities for Jalen Reagor. Montae Reagor mentioned, “Wish 18 could get a Play Design like that instead of a damn tunnel screen he running for his life on EVERYTIME. MUST BE NICE.” He then followed that tweet by saying, “Good job by Jalen and Quez, clearing out and creating Natural pick for reception by #6.”

It’s clear that frustration is mounting on Jalen Reagor’s side and if the Eagles move on from the former first-round pick then what’s left for them to do?

The team needs a clear-cut WR2 and unfortunately, it’s not Quez Watkins. It won’t be Greg Ward Jr or JJAW. Defenses wouldn’t respect those guys enough to allow themselves to lose focus on Smith and Goedert.

If the team wants to reach the next level this offseason then one of two things needs to happen. They need to invest in a WR2 in either free agency or the draft. If they’re not confident that a rookie could come in and help Hurts grow in year three then they have to get a veteran who’s still an efficient receiver.

If your QB’s eyes are only focused on two playmakers and those guys are covered, would you want your QB to continue to scramble? Jeffrey Lurie is an owner that heavily trusts analytics and they should tell him that the way to win is through the air. If that’s the case then help your QB as opposed to trying to replace him this offseason even… if it means going for a wideout in the first round for the third year in a row.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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