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Eagles set to debut a new uniform against Broncos – Are there more combos on the horizon?

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The Philadelphia Eagles are doing something surprising this weekend and I’m not talking about running the ball. The team announced earlier today that they’ll be debuting a new uniform against the Broncos.

If we’re to go off the video released by the team, the reasoning is because passing coordinator Kevin Patullo mentioned to DeVonta Smith that he’d like the combination of white pants and black jerseys. I don’t really know why because they’re still wearing a green helmet and it would just look a bit weird, but that’s my opinion.

The real big news here is regardless of how you feel about the new look, it is indeed a new look. Fans have been crying out for Kelly Green jerseys to return to Philadelphia for years and while we won’t see them this year, there is a chance we finally see them again in 2022. The NFL recently approved a rule stating that teams can wear alternate helmets for the 2022 season and beyond, opening up the possibility for some Kelly Green goodness.

Between now and then, there are several different combinations we could see, depending on how chaotic the Eagles are feeling.

Flip the switch – Black jerseys and white pants. I think this would look much better than the other way around.

Go, Go Power Rangers! – Midnight green jerseys and midnight green pants? Inject Power Rangers vibes into my veins right now. It would be a proper color rush effort as opposed to just wearing all-black.

Um…sure – Midnight green jerseys with black pants? POV: It’s the kinda cozy Sunday where you need to go to the store and top up on groceries but you can’t be bothered to get dressed so throw on sweatpants and the first jersey find. I’m oddly here for it.

Whiteout – It’s been done before and it should happen again.

Which uniform combinations do you want to see this season?

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

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