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Eagles will be able to bring back kelly green uniforms in 2022

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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has approved alternate helmets for the 2022 season and beyond. After years of longing, it looks as though Eagles fans might finally be one step closer to getting their wish of seeing the return of ‘kelly green’ jerseys.

It has felt like an eternity since Eagles fans watched their team run out in the iconic kelly green uniform, but Jeffrey Lurie has been pounding the table to bring it back for several years now. The issue was that the NFL previously only allowed one helmet per player for safety reasons, and the team’s owner didn’t want to see midnight green helmets with kelly green jerseys.

The last time we saw the jersey in action was during a 2010 game against the Packers. Michael Vick was dropped into the game after a Kevin Kolb injury to bring the Eagles to the edge of impressive comeback victory, only to fall short.

There’s no doubting that Jalen Hurts looks like those colors were made just for him in that edit, so hopefully 2022 means we’ll get to see a modernized version of a jersey worn by so many Eagles legends.

While we still have to wait out one more season of the traditional uniforms, this opens the doors for the Eagles to turn back the clocks and make all of those gorgeous jersey edits worth the effort. Let’s just hope the blue and yellow jerseys worn to celebrate the team’s 75th anniversary back in 2007 don’t make a comeback!

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