Top 5 prospects for Kelly to target in Free Agency

With free agency just hours away from commencing, we decided to rate our top 5 players we want to see bleed green in 2015. Agree? Disagree? Let us know who you want to join the birds on twitter by tweeting us @PhiladelphiaSN with the hashtag #PhillyFA

5- Charles Tillman CB

Be under no illusion that the Eagles will need to replace both of their outside starting cornerbacks this offseason. With Fletcher scheduled to become a free agent and Cary Williams having already been released, The Birds have plenty of room in the Salary cap so don’t be surprised if they target an experienced Corner to add some guidance to the youth that Kelly will inevitably sign. Tillman may be one of the finest options on the market, at 34 years old he’s been in the NFL since 2003 and has appeared in 156 games for Chicago. , 737 tackles, 42 forced fumbles, and over 100 passes shut down are what Charles could bring to the table. In terms of physicality, he could be seen as a Philly Prototype. Boasting a 6″2, 198 pounds figure, it’s exactly the sort of body type that Kelly would target. Tillman has been in decline over the past few seasons and with health issues being a factor, the contract could be an absolute steal. If the Eagles have to replace two cornerbacks in offseason, they could pair a player like Tillman across from a more reliable option….y’know like a certain Byron Maxwell?

4- Justin Forsett RB

Forsett completely reinvented the Ravens’ running game last season when he rushed for a career-high 1,266 yards and eight touchdowns as he stepped in after the controversy surround Ray Rice. A pleasant surprise to Ravens fans worldwide, Forsett was a breath of fresh air in Baltimore. But now, his one year contract has expired. Despite showing keen interest to remain a Raven, there are numerous teams interested in signing the 29 year old. The Eagles, would be silly to pass up the opportunity of offering this guy a contract. Forsett and Sproles in the backfield would be a dangerous combination, and whilst he may not be the full package that LeSean McCoy was, it certainly reimburses a lot of that depth without wasting a draft pick.

3- Brice McCain CB

The 29 year old Ex-Steeler provides the ideal frame that Chip Kelly would go for. McCain spent his first five years in Houston before signing a one-year contract with the Steelers.He started started nine games and registered a career-high three interceptions, including one that became a 31 yards for a touchdown. As of this moment, the team have no depth at outside cornerback and need more than just two starters. Brandon Boykin is never going to start on the outside and it would be a risk starting Nolan Carroll outside of his dime role. Should there be an unforseen circumstance with Maxwell or even if the deal goes through, it is certainly not a bad idea to have a third string CB in McCain. Let’s say if Tillman had more injury issues, the Eagles would have to start Boykin. With McCain, you get an experienced guy who’s suited to the role and would be a great backup to any new CB signings.

2- Andre Johnson WR 

The Texans have shockingly released Andre Johnson recently, ending the star wide receiver’s 12-year career in Houston. It’s been seen a million times before, after a long tenure with a team, a star player usually has one more fantastic season with a new team before declining or retiring. Is the Eagles high tempo offence the ideal scenario for Johnson to  make one last Superbowl push before retirement? If we learned anything about the Eagles last season, it’s that they NEED a tall, possession based receiver who is a force to be reckoned with in the end zone. In his last two seasons, Johnson has caught more than 100 passes, for 1,407 and 1,598 yards. Foles struggled in the opening games without the speed and versatility of Jackson.  With Jeremy Maclin having already departed Philly, they need a powerhouse receiver who the starting QB (whoever that may be) can target regardless of the man who’s marking him. Johnson is that guy. If the Eagles want to make a push for Mariota in the draft, they need all the picks possible to trade and to supplement what they would lose in other positions in Free Agency. It can be done, but they need to act fast as Johnson will be hot property.

1- DeMarco Murray RB 

DeMarco Murray has not had any contact with the Cowboys over the past few weeks and has apparently deleted all Cowboys references from his Twitter account…now that’s not exactly a solid statement that he’s leaving but to me that says the Cowboys have made an offer but Murray isn’t taking it so well, opening the door for teams to swoop in and take him out of Dallas. Murray was atop NFL in rushing with 1,845 yards over 392 carries in 2014. He also scored 13 touchdowns and set career highs in receptions and receiving yards. Murray broke Emmitt Smith’s single-season team record of 1,773 yards set in 1995 and simply set the league on fire. With the departure of McCoy still holding a huge hole in Eagles fans hearts, Murray IS the man to replace him, if any in free agency. He is without a doubt the best RB on the market and what better way to spite your old team who send you a poor offer than to join their most bitter rivals? If Murray comes to the Eagles, imagine the scenes. Potentially you could have a line consisting of Sproles, Murray, Mariota, Andre Johnson, Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz…tell me I’m not the only one a little more than stoked thinking about that. If Philadelphia sign the 29 year old elite, I think it would restore the hope of many fans who may have doubted the motives of Chip Kelly.