Pennsylvania is leading the way in the age of sports betting

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As the new NFL season draws near, fans across the nation are getting ready to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to predictions. Be it single-game, MVP props, or even who’s going to win it all, there are countless markets for bettors to capitalize on, but not everyone has that same luxury. As far as fans in Pennsylvania go, they’ll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re an Eagles fan or a Steelers fan, or even a neutral who just likes the idea of making sports games more exciting, the state of Pennsylvania has been way ahead of most when it comes to the legalisation of sports-betting. So much in fact that a recently passed bill will enable current sports book licensees to open kiosks inside hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants. 75% of the profits would go to the sports book, and 25% to the venue, providing the kiosk has a wagering license.

There has been a stark rise in casinos and sports-betting apps over the past 24 months or so. With 13 sportsbooks available to bettors in PA, it’s not like fans need to go far to place their bets. But if they want that same experience while on vacation, the options become limited.

The rest of the country is gradually catching up, though. Sports-betting will be legal in Arizona from September 9th and is expected to draw in some heavy interest. In fact, it’s projected that there will be an annual sportsbook revenue of nearly $155 million by the time that the market is in full swing

The good news is that no matter how you’re looking to bet, the forecast is looking brighter by the day. If it’s not already fully legal in your state, there’s a good chance that bills will pass sooner rather than later. But as of right now, if you’re in the state of PA and looking to have a flutter at the races or back the birds to win it all, the options available to you are almost endless.

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