Sports Betting In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 07: Shirts line the seats of the Wells Fargo Center for fans before the Eastern Conference Semifinal Game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on May 07, 2018 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Philadelphia is a beautiful city of Pennsylvania that lies in the south-east part of the state. The city is located on the Delaware river and it is a cultural hub of people with different races, occupations and lifestyles.

There are many important things that make Philadelphia what it is today but for now, let’s concentrate on one thing only; People of Philadelphia and betting on sports.

Where to place bets in Philadelphia?

There are a couple of ways you can place bets in Philadelphia like at a nearby sports bar and restaurant, local bookmaker office or by visiting online betting sites. An online casino/netticasino or live one sometimes offer betting opportunities as well. One of the greatest casinos in Philadelphia is SugarHouse Casino. They have a really big variety of games, you can play them for free as well and most importantly they offer great betting opportunities with very good odds.

However, if you want to bet on any sports game that happens in Philadelphia, then being there is a must for you. And where can you watch the action? 

That depends on which sports you place your bets. For baseball there is Citizens Bank Park where the Philadelphia Phillies have their home games. People from Philadelphia are really keen on baseball and you will see numerous fans coming to the ballpark on every game day.

If you want to watch basketball, then Wells Fargo Center is your place. They have home games of the Philadelphia 76ers and before that it was home court for Philadelphia Eagles as well. This building has class and elegance with its nice interior design and great sight lines in terms of location. There are numerous restaurants and cafes with open views to the court. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the building especially at night when it’s illuminated.

For football fans there is Lincoln Financial Field. It is the home ground for Philadelphia Eagles and during football season you can catch some of your favorite NFL games here. This is a great stadium with lots of modern technology to enhance your experience while watching the game and at the same time creating excitement, thrills and wows from fans that you will not forget in a hurry.

Another great sport you can bet on is horse racing. You can watch some of the races at Philadelphia Park Racetrack. It is located in Bensalem and you can enjoy a day out with your family or friends enjoying live horse racing that involves different thoroughbreds from all over the country. The racetrack was built in 1906 and it has been renovated to meet modern standards.

Residents also enjoy hockey and it’s also one of the most popular sports that people love to place bets on. The Flyers have been playing at Wells Fargo Center since 1996 and it can accommodate more than 20,500 fans during games. You will find all the latest technology used here and will feel safe while enjoying a great ice hockey match with your friends or family members.

The approach to betting and gambling

Generally people from Philadelphia are conservative when it comes to betting and they are not much into placing bets on sports. However there are some who love to place a bet on the Philadelphia Phillies or Philadelphia 76ers. The city is home to over two hundred licensed casinos and poker rooms, but that has not affected the sports betting industry in any major way. 

All sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania and fans can place their bet on Philadelphia teams or any other team for that matter. Moreover, there are numerous betting platforms or online casinos ready to let people from Philadelphia place their bet on the most popular sports. However, one has to be careful while placing a bet and should only make those bets that they can afford to lose.

Talking about money, each year people in Philadelphia put on approximately $2 billion on professional team sports which include $800 million in bets made at casinos. This means that the gambling industry in Philadelphia is quite hefty and it has so far spread to other parts of Pennsylvania. Most of these betting platforms are offering people from Philadelphia a few ways through which they can place their bet. 

Generally, people in America like to bet on various things, and they are quite interested in unconventional bets like politics, the weather, and special interest. The most bizarre bet put on in Philadelphia is one made in favor of the Pope. This was however removed from the board because the Vatican has a policy that prevents them from taking direct political stands, thus they were withdrawn due to this fact.


Even though people of Philadelphia tend to be conservative, the sports betting industry is flourishing in the city, and it is expected to grow further over time.

The legality of sports betting also makes it possible for people in Philadelphia not only to play with their money but also to make money out of the game they are playing.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire