Sixers’ Draft Preview: Jahmi’us Ramsey


The NBA season is still suspended and we’re still here bringing you the prospects who just might be Sixers for the 2020-2021 season. We’ve talked about a few already and now we turn our attention to an especially exciting prospect.

Thanks to the Markelle Fultz trade, the Sixers have a first round pick even though they traded their pick away. The Sixers acquired the OKC Thunder’s pick which, if the season is over, would convey at 22 overall. While it may not be as exciting as the top five, drafting in the 20’s can still provide a team with a quality starter or even a star, if you know what you’re looking for. One player with that potential is Texas Tech freshman guard, Jahmi’us Ramsey.

Jahmi’us Ramsey – Guard

Texas Tech University

Strengths: Athleticism, three-point shot, rebounding

Weaknesses: Size, defensive focus, finishing

2019-20 College Stats: 15.0 PTS, 4.0 REB, 42.6 3pt%

Standing at 6’4″ with an incredible 6’10” wingspan (alleged), Ramsey boasts a build similar to Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo. An exciting combination of length and athleticism, Ramsey would be an exciting addition in a quick moving Sixers offense (under Ben Simmons). He is more quick than fast, but his athleticism helps cover some of his defensive mistakes.

His size is a concern for some teams but there are more and more guards every day proving you don’t need to be 6’6″ to succeed (Beal, Curry, Oladipo, Walker), especially with an offensive focus. So much of today’s game is predicated on space that if you’re able to get yourself open and knock down the shot, you will have a long and productive career.

As a shooter, Ramsey is deadly in catch-and-shoot situations. His quick gather and release make him as dangerous as they come and the thought of him paired with Ben Simmons should excite you. Ramsey shot 42.6% from beyond the arc and while that won’t necessarily convert to success at the NBA level, he has a projected 3pt% of 35.6% which is definitely something he can build on.

Ramsey has that dog mentality you want out of a scorer. He believes that the ball is going in each and every time he shoots it no matter who’s defending him. He’s not the most talented finisher, especially against quality rim-protectors, but if he looks to draw contact he could make a living at the free-throw line.

Where Ramsey disappoints is as a defender. Again, he has that dog mentality and it comes out in iso coverage, but his footwork leaves a lot to be desired and he tends to lose focus when playing off ball. His length and athleticism give him great potential as a defender, he’s able to read passing lanes and come up with the ball, but sometimes his gambles don’t pay off giving his assignment a clear path to a bucket.

One thing more to consider about Jahmi’us Ramsey is that he’ll only be a fresh 19 when the draft rolls around. Players are rarely ready to defend at an NBA level at that age and he would have plenty of time to refine his defensive tendencies along with expanding his offensive game.


CEILING – Gary Harris (2017-18)

Though his build matches Victor Oladipo, his game is more reminiscent of another 6’4″ guard with bounce. During the 2017-18 NBA season Denver Nuggets guard Gary Harris looked like he was about to break out. Harris averaged career highs in both points (17.5) and steals (1.8), Harris also shot 39.6% from deep. This is the type of production Ramsey can see if he continues to work on his jump shot, stay focused defensively, and if he finds himself in the right situation. For Jahmi’us Ramsey, Philadelphia could be that situation. Again, Ramsey is a catch-and-shoot killer, adding him to the Sixers roster would give him the ability to play to his strengths while rounding out the rest of his game.

FLOOR – Gary Harris (2019-20)

It’s rare for a prospect’s ceiling and floor to be the same player but that says a lot about Gary Harris and the inconsistency his career has seen. An athletic fringe “3&D” guard, Ramsey has a lot of potential the same way Harris did/does. Ramsey could easily fall into the same bad tendencies that Harris has and it all starts with his jump shot. If Ramsey struggles from deep he limits the rest of his offensive production, which is his calling card. Ramsey has the potential & athleticism to be a quality defender much like Harris, but without focus, he has a tendency to lose his man especially in off-ball situations. If the Sixers draft Ramsey, let’s hope he becomes the “good” Gary Harris.


Jahmi’us Ramsey would need some time for his game to be cultivated but he could still make an immediate impact. Think similar to how Landry Shamet impacted the Sixers in his short time in Philly. Ramsey could fill in spot minutes to give Shake and Matisse a breather while making fellow Texas Tech alum Zhaire Smith expendable. Smith’s availability, though sour, is a positive as it adds another asset for the Sixers in their pursuit of a championship.

Ramsey is nearly as clean a fit as you will find for the Sixers in this draft as he provides the shooting, athleticism, and youth this team thirsts for. The Sixers would be foolish if they didn’t conduct their due diligence in reference to Ramsey. The biggest question mark in my mind is if Ramsey will be on the board.

Ramsey has yet to declare for the draft which isn’t surprising, as he is a freshman who is projected for the second half of the first round. If he had a guarantee from a team that he would be selected in the lottery, then his decision would likely have been made already. If he does declare, if the COVID-19 pandemic clears up, and if he’s able to test in front of teams I expect Ramsey to be a fast riser in the draft process.

Though the Sixers are at 22 they may have to draft up to land Ramsey. If that is the case I am more than okay giving up what it takes (within reason). The Sixers have four second round picks this year and two next year, there is room to negotiate if the team feels Ramsey is the answer. I am confident Ramsey would make a great Sixer, now it’s time to see of it all plays out.

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