Lane Johnson’s return will provide huge boost to Eagles

Eagles lane johnson
PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 22: Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Tackle Lane Johnson (65) celebrates a touchdown in the first half during the game between the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles on September 22, 2019 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

According to Derrick Gunn, Lane Johnson will be returning to the Eagles on Sunday versus the Rams:

Gunn: Can we guarantee 100% that Lane Johnson will be out there against the Rams on Sunday?

Johnson: I’m going to be out there, DGunn. I’m going to be out there, so, count on it.

The Eagles sorely missed Johnson on Sunday versus the WFT as the offensive line allowed 8 sacks on Wentz. Johnson’s replacement Jack Driscoll left the game due to cramps and was replaced by Jordan Mailata. Mailata surprised many with his effort, but he’s no Lane Johnson.

His Impact

If you missed my article on Lane Johnson back in May, I behoove you to check it out.

The Eagles are now 9-12 without Lane in the line up since he was drafted, they are 56-36 with him.

With Johnson in the lineup, they average 264.97 passing yards per game and 123.75 rushing yards per game.

Without Johnson in the lineup, they averaged 263.15 passing yards per game and 117.65 rushing yards per game. Less passing and less rushing yards per game without their right tackle.

On Sunday, Wentz threw for 270 yards and the Eagles rushed for 57 yards.

Sure Miles Sanders being back there could’ve helped, but Johnson’s impact was profound.

In Wentz’s 40 games with Johnson, he has averages of 2.05 touchdowns and .575 interceptions per game, while also fumbling an average of .7 times per game.

In the 16 games without him prior to the Washington game, Wentz averaged .9375 touchdowns and .75 interceptions per game, while also fumbling an average of 1.25 times per game. Add two interceptions and two fumbles to that list.

Schedule ahead

The return of Lane Johnson comes at a time where the Eagles are about to face off against the machine known as Aaron Donald. If you haven’t seen his destruction of the Cowboys’ offensive line, feast your eyes on his feast:

While Donald won’t be lined up against Johnson, Johnson’s presence allows for Nate Herbig or Matt Pryor to double team Donald with Jason Kelce.

After the Rams, the Eagles host Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Following them is the ferocious defensive line of the 49ers, the very good defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the even better defensive line of the Baltimore Ravens.

Continuity of the Eagles offensive line with Lane Johnson is key if they want to prevent Carson Wentz from becoming David Carr.

Aaron Donald vs the Eagles

Despite the highlight videos above, it’s safe to assume Donald won’t do that against the Eagles.

In Donald’s 95 career games, he has 73.0 sacks, 316 combined tackles, 118 tackles for loss, 177 QB hits, and 15 forced fumbles.

In Donald’s three games versus the Eagles, he has zero sacks, five combined tackles, one tackle for loss, and five QB hits. He has never forced a fumble vs the Eagles.

Whatever the Eagles have been doing versus Donald, they hope to keep it going this Sunday. Lane Johnson back will help do that.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire