Lane Johnson’s impact on the Eagles is greater than you think


For years the narrative around the Eagles has been around the quarterback, the weapons around that quarterback, and the awful secondary play. Because of that, not nearly enough has been said about the Eagles’ true MVP: Lane Johnson.

Although being named to the Pro Bowl three times and named an All-Pro once is noteworthy, Johnson continues to be one of the most underappreciated players in the league.

Let’s take a look at his career and his impact on the Eagles.

Impact on the Eagles

Lane Johnson was drafted with the fourth overall pick in the 2013 draft. Since 2013, the Eagles have gone 65-47, amassing the seventh-most wins in the NFL, and the fourth most in the NFC.

In those 112 games, Johnson was a part of 92 of them. Missing some time due to injuries and multiple suspensions.

In the games that Johnson played, the Eagles are 56-36. Without him, they are 9-11.

With Johnson in the lineup, they average 264.97 passing yards per game and 123.75 rushing yards per game.

Without Johnson in the lineup, they average 263.15 passing yards per game and 117.65 rushing yards per game. Less passing and less rushing yards per game without their right tackle.

When Johnson missed the first four games of the season in 2013, LeSean McCoy averaged 48 yards per game with 2.78 yards per rush. When Johnson came back for the final 12 games of the season, McCoy averaged 93.9 yards per game with 4.64 yards per rush. McCoy was the top rusher in the NFL in those 12 games.

Impact on Wentz

Despite arriving to the Eagles three years after Johnson, Wentz has played the most games with the right tackle. When Johnson is on the field, Wentz produces.

In those 40 games, Wentz has a record of 26-14. He has a record of 6-10 without him.

In the 40 games with Johnson in the lineup, Wentz has averages of 2.05 touchdowns and .575 interceptions per game, while also fumbling an average of .7 times per game.

In the 16 games without him, Wentz has averages of .9375 touchdowns and .75 interceptions per game, while also fumbling an average of 1.25 times per game.

During his ten-game suspension in 2016, the Eagles went 2-8. Wentz had 6 TD to 12 INT and was sacked 24 times (2.4 per game). In the 6 games with Johnson that year, they went 5-1 and Wentz had 10 TD and 2 INT and was sacked 9 times (1.5 per game)

Lane is just turning 30 today (May 8th) and the sky is the limit for the best right tackle in the NFL. As Johnson goes, the Eagles and Carson Wentz go. Get ready for Johnson to “Pave the Lane” for the next decade.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports