Simmons and Embiid put NBA on Notice with Latest Workouts


The NBA is back and the Sixers’ stars are ready. Earlier this week both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid came forward letting everyone know what they’re up to. Both stars have been grinding in the gym in preparation for the return of the season.

Ben Simmons showed off the fruits of his workouts on Twitter and Instagram and the results speak for themselves.

Simmons is already known as one of the premier athletes in the NBA, the thought of him adding more muscle and being in peak shape should put fear in the hearts of every other team. Until Simmons unveils his jump-shot (we’re still waiting), his strength and athleticism will be the key to his game both offensively and defensively. His added muscle should help him finish around the rim and when guarding the likes of Jimmy Butler and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Joel Embiid meanwhile has made headlines himself. The Sixers’ big-man spoke to Lauren Rosen of and told the world that he’s working hard and coming back better than ever.

“We’ve been going at it for the past four weeks, about six times a week, just trying to get a head start, and get ready for whatever’s coming. I have something to prove, and I feel like whenever that opportunity comes, it’s going to be my time.”

It’s exciting to hear this from Embiid as there has been a narrative, fair or otherwise, that Embiid needed to spend more time in the gym. Strength has never been the concern but his conditioning has often been questioned. Working out six times a week should do the trick.

The Sixers will need their stars to be in the best shape of their life if they’re going to have a shot at the Finals. There’s no home-field advantage so the last eight regular-season games won’t matter much other than the chance to get hot before the playoffs.

It’s a long road to the finals but by all appearances, Simmons and Embiid are ready.

 Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports