NFL approves rule-change proposed by the Eagles


The NFL announced today that it has approved a trio of rule changes ahead of the 2020 season. One of those changes was suggested by the Eagles earlier this year.

The change brought to the table by Philadelphia was to include automatic replay reviews after every scoring play, turnover negated by a foul, and any try attempt. This obviously reduces the chances of human error or poor refereeing and will be a huge positive moving forward.

The other two rules were approved by the competition committee:

8: expands defenseless player protection to a kickoff or punt returner who is in possession of the ball but who has not had time to avoid or ward off the impending contact of an opponent.

9: prevents teams from manipulating the game clock by com​​mitting multiple dead-ball fouls while the clock is running

The NFL is also reportedly toying with the idea of a 4th-and-15 alternative to an onside kick.

It’s really encouraging to see positive changes being implemented, especially those actually positioned by the Eagles.

 Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports