Devising the ultimate Philadelphia Eagles offseason masterplan


You asked (not really) and I’m about to answer every single question about free agency and the draft. After reading this, you will be very confident that my plan will be the savior of the Eagles.

Ok, sorry. I’m just going to follow suit and provide my own predictions on who the Eagles will sign and who they will draft. My predictions will be based on what I’ve heard on podcasts, writers, and people I’ve spoken with directly.

It’s a trying time right now in the sports world (and our own worlds), so I’m going to do my best to continue to bring you decent content.

Some conclusions

After getting all the intel and info that I can gather, I’ve come up with a few conclusions:

  • The Eagles will go WR heavy in the draft (at least 2, ok that’s not heavy. But maybe 3!)
  • They will not invest heavily in linebacker, again. Sad face.
  • Emphasis will be on getting younger and will be a mix of long-term and “prove it” deals.
  • Defense, defense, defense in free agency.

I don’t expect the Eagles to pay big bucks to wide receivers in free agency. Outside of Robby Anderson, who is that guy? Even with him, is RA worth $10-11 million a year? I have been on his train for a long time, wanting to pair him with DJax, but the price may be too high for a guy who doesn’t do much outside a go route. 

Despite not going expensive at linebacker, I think they’ll bring in quality guys.

I do expect them to open the checkbook for corners, however. You know who I’m talking about.

The draft is going to be fun. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.


The following players will be resigned:

  • Ronal… just kidding
  • Vinny Curry – 1 year deal
  • Jalen Mills – 1 year deal with team option
  • Hassan Ridgeway – 3 year deal
  • Cameron Johnston (restricted free agent) – 3 year deal

Names you don’t see: Peters, Jernigan, Bradham (obviously), McLeod, Clement, Sudfeld, Agholor (lol), Howard, and Vaitai.

I think Peters finds a starting job elsewhere (Browns?), Jernigan may want too much money to be injured all the time, Bradham is done here, McLeod may price himself out, Clement is always hurt, Sudfeld could land a back up role with a chance to start elsewhere (Indy?), Agholor… , Howard could be back on a one year prove it deal but he may not like being the back up yet again like he was in Chicago, and Vaitai may get upwards of $10 million a year. Not happening in Philly.

Oh, and bye bye Alshon.

Check out page two for who will sign with the Eagles!

Mandatory Photo Credit: AP Photo/Vasha Hunt