Ranking every player who took a snap for the Eagles in 2019: Part 1


2019 was a season of mixed emotions for the Philadelphia Eagles. Doug Pederson pushed his team to the playoffs for the third consecutive season, but it wasn’t easy. Choked leads, anonymous sources, practice squad heroes, and one former Cowboy all played a role in what became a season that nobody will forget for a while. 74 players took a snap for the Eagles during that campaign and since we’re all constantly respawning in Call of Duty Warzone’s Gulag during self-isolation, what better time to rank them? Every. Last. One.

74: Orlando Scandrick

Is it bad that I smiled a little when typing that? Like I got some kind of satisfaction from ranking Scandrick at the very bottom of the pile? Probably. But alas, we move.

Scandrick spent the offseason with the Eagles and had a relatively strong camp and preseason, but that wasn’t enough to keep him on the roster. He was brought back shortly after when depth was tested and made his debut against the Jets in memorable fashion. What followed was just as memorable, but for all the wrong reasons…

I won’t go into immense detail, but Scandrick ended up being released from the team and doing his best to create a smear campaign using any microphone he could find. It didn’t work and Shannon Sharpe ultimately had the last laugh…but if you want someone that genuinely deserves to be ranked #74 on this list, look no further.

73: Shareef Miller

I really don’t want to put Miller on this list since he basically redshirted his rookie year, but he did play in a whopping TWO special teams snaps. That’s almost half of an entire 1%! In all seriousness, Miller is still a huge unknown and it will be interesting to see what kind of steps the fourth-round pick can take entering year two, but his impact was about as minimal as you could find.

72: Malik Jackson

Suffering a season-ending injury in week one was never going to bode well for a ranking of this nature. As much as I love Jackson’s game and feel he’s going to be a huge contributor in that ‘Michael Bennett’ role moving forward, 2019 wasn’t that year.

71: Corey Clement

Clement had 0 carries in 2019. He did muff a kick return, pick up an injury, and then muff another return attempt though. It was actually such a shame to see his fall from grace after being projected to become the next great underdog story. The good news is, his place in history is cemented with that iconic Super Bowl performance.

70: Richard Rodgers

Two years, two substantial injuries. It wasn’t exactly a great stint for Richard Rodgers, who returned to action late in 2019 for a brief burst of…something? Presumably? Anyway, he’s a free agent and the Eagles are now looking for a potential TE3 once more.

69: Jonathan Cyprien

Traded to the Falcons in exchange for LB Duke Riley, this one kind of stung. The Eagles were left with Sendejo…which went well, while the former Titans Safety then suffered an injury after making his debut in week 5, ending his season. A real shame.

68: Ryan Lewis

Sorry, Ryan. I feel kind of bad. Lewis has bounced around rosters ever since he entered the league in 2017 and he joined the Eagles practice squad before a quick promotion that saw him play 40 special teams snaps. He’s now on the Dolphins with my offseason free agency rush – Byron Jones. Sigh.

67: Albert Huggins

DT depth was light all season long, but Huggins really didn’t get much of a chance to do anything outside of a few special teams snaps. However, he is still on the team which puts him a spot above Ryan Lewis as he was able to stand the test of time.

66: Nate Herbig

The Penn State product saw the field for 3 offensive snaps and 9 special teams snaps in 2019, which is actually pretty good for a UDFA acting as a backup to the offensive line equivalent of the 2017 Golden State Warriors. I’m excited to see if Herbig can progress going into year number two.

65: Akeem Spence

There was actually a fair amount of buzz when the Eagles poached the former Dolphins DT. But again, he really didn’t see the field much at all before being cut. He remains a free agent.

64: Jay Ajayi

Ajayi’s return to midnight green was about as successful as his current record in the E-MLS. One of the Super Bowl heroes, his legacy as an Eagle is better without the clumsy return that unfortunately showed just how damaging injuries can be to the career of a running back.

63: L.J Fort

I don’t wanna talk about it.

62: Alex Ellis

I was really hoping Ellis would make the final roster after the former Chiefs TE surged in the preseason, but that wasn’t to be. He was able to stick around but was mostly a special teamer behind Joshua Perkins, which was a little disappointing.

61: Mack Hollins

Even this feels too high. One of Carson Walch’s top graders was also one of 2019’s biggest disappointments. It’s truly stunning how one can play in close to 40% of offensive snaps and still contribute next to nothing outside of the occasional catch. He ended 2019 with 125-yards worth of receiving for the Eagles, but even they seem to have next to no value in the grand scheme of things.

Hollins is a devout special teamer who simply prefers that area of the game. He did start lining up correctly toward the end of his tenure. Baby steps.

60: Genard Avery

Pros: Got a sack in his Eagles debut.
Cons: MIA after getting a sack in his Eagles debut.

Stay locked in for part two that will drop tomorrow!

Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports