A way too early preview of the Eagles 2019-2020 season Schedule


Happy Friday Philadelphia! You know whats the only positive thing about your team losing is…hyping up your team for the next season. Once the regular season concluded on December 30th the list of games was released for this upcoming season. No dates are set, no times, basically its who the Eagles get the pleasure of playing next season. Off the top, we know its going to be Dallas 2x, Washington 2x, and the New York Football Giants 2x. Thank you captain obvious. In addition to that, the NFC North and AFC East are listed.

The final two teams are going to be the Atlanta Falcons from the NFC South and the NFC West Seattle Seahawks. I’m going to list if the Birds will win the game, previous meeting, and location of the game. Here we go!

Home Games:

AFC East-

Hopefully, the Eagles can capitalize on this dumpster fire of a division the last decade and a half like the Pats have. Playing NE and NYJ at home helps.

New England Patriots:

Playing this game at home is going to be huge. If this game is early in the season the Pats are typically rough in September and Tom Brady will be another year older. If it’s later in the year could be closer… I think the Eagles fans have a huge impact on this game, as well as a fully healthy Carson Wentz.

Last Meeting- Super Bowl 52 Eagles 41- New England 33 (2018 SB)

Prediction- Eagles 33- New England 24

New York Jets:

Jets are going to be a totally different team next year. Darnold has a year under his belt, Offensive minded HC( Gase) and a great DC (Williams). They will have signed a few free agents and always have a tough defense. I think the Jets offense will be much different, I can see Darnold making a young QB mistake to be costly in the game.

Last Meeting: Eagles 24- Jets 17 (2015)

Prediction: Eagles 27- Jets 21

NFC East-

Throw the records out the window.

Dallas Cowboys:

This team is going to be good. Dak has won on the road and they still can run the ball. I wouldn’t be shocked if Dallas played keep away and Dak makes just enough throws to win this game. Cowboys defense is going to match up well. Not good for the Eagles at home. I know shocking.

Last Meeting: Eagles 23- Cowboys 29 OT (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 17- Cowboys 24

New York Giants:

Eagles have had the Giants number the last couple of seasons. Late FG’s or blowouts it doesn’t matter. If Eli is still the QB I like that matchup. Obvious Odell and Barkley are scary, but Eli might not have time to get them the ball. At home, I like the Eagles to win a slow, boring, and easy game.

Last Meeting: Eagles 25-Giants 22 (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 28-Giants 10

Washington Redskins:

Who is playing QB? This team is always hurt by injuries all over the field. Peterson is a year older, the outside pressure of Kerrigan is older. I don’t think this is much of a game. Eagles will be able to throw the ball and they will be able to stop the run.

Last Meeting: Eagles 24- Redskins 0 (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 27- Washington 13

NFC North-

A lot of hatred has come from this division for the last two seasons. Going to be a tough battle vs this group of teams.

Chicago Bears:

The Eagle fans are going to be fired up for this game. Ending the Bears season last year on the “Double Doink” will always be in the minds of Chicago special teams. The Bears lost their D coordinator and will not be the same defense. Trubisky on the road isn’t the same as Trubisky at home. I see them being like the Jags of last year. Tons of defensive talent, lose in the playoffs, take a big step back. Will be a slugfest upfront with two great lines on both sides of the ball, but Wentz will extend plays that Foles couldn’t to move the sticks.

Previous Meeting: Eagles 16- Bears 15 (2019)

Prediction- Eagles 24-Bears 13

Detroit Lions:

The Lions are a dome team and that will say it all. Any Dome team coming to the Linc is already at a disadvantage. The Lions are an odd team to say the least. One week they beat the Pats and the next week they lose to the Jets. With that being said…I think the Eagles are able to roll them in one of their biggest blowouts of the year.

Last Meeting: Eagles 23- Lions 24 (2016)

Prediction: Eagles 42-Lions 16

NFC West:

Going to be a very tough division as a whole. A ton of young “Gurus” and the old savvy vet coach Pete Carroll.

Seattle Seahawks:

This is going to be an extremely painful game for the Eagles. Russell Wilson is going to scramble for first downs on 3rd and long. Seattle’s Defense is going to get a few take away’s, and the Eagles will leave points on the board. The Eagles are typically a better team at home, but Wilson is a bad bad bad man.

Last Meeting: Eagles 10-Seahawks 24 (2017)

Prediction: Eagles 13- Seahawks 28

Away Games:

AFC East:

Hopefully, the Eagles can capitalize on this dumpster fire of a division the last decade and a half like the Pats have. Facing the two worst teams on the road is huge.

Buffalo Bills:

I don’t see this being much of a game. The Bills will have second-year QB Josh Allen at the helm, but other than that they don’t have much to offer. Allen is mobile, but they don’t have any playmakers that scare me. Depending on the month, Buffalo is a different city. Snow or sunshine, the Eagles win.

Last Meeting: Eagles 23- Bills 20 (2015)

Prediction: Eagles 24- Bills 10

Miami Dolphins:

The warm weather is going to be a great change of scene. The Dolphins are a team like the lions were they can beat a top team but can lose to most teams. Tannehill is an average QB, they are a good running team, but this organization is still living in the Dan Marino era. Dolphin fans are non-existent, the Eagles army will take over this stadium.

Last Meeting: Eagles 19- Dolphins 20 (2015)

Prediction: Eagles 27- Dolphins 15

NFC East:

Throw the records out the window.

Dallas Cowboys:

Playing Dallas at home is much harder than on the road. BUT I think these teams split this season. This will probably be a Monday night game, Dak’s going to turn it over and Eagles put on a big-time offensive show. This game will be late in the season. That’s a total guess. Eagles blow out.

Last Meeting: Eagles 23- Cowboys 29 OT (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 33- Cowboys 13

New York Giants:

You never know what the weather at Met-life will be. Giants are still rebuilding and I think Eli’s age is going to really show this year. They can’t stop/block Fletcher Cox or Timmy Jernigan. Shut down Saquan and double Odell.

Last Meeting: Eagles 25-Giants 22 (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 31- Giants 17

Washington Redskins

Similar to the early post. Lack of QB will limit the prediction. Skins have good line play, but injuries will haunt them. Not much more to say.

Last Meeting Eagles 24- Redskins 0 (2018)

Prediction- Eagles 27- Redskins 14

NFC North

Two of the tougher teams in this division will have home field advantage. Could be a rough part in the Season.

Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Rodgers will be on a mission. New HC, healthy, and looking to shut the doubters up. He can still run, make every throw, and is a different QB at home. If the Eagles can’t get their secondary better/ improve the pass rush, it will be a long afternoon. This will be a shootout due to the Packers defense stinks.

Last Meeting: Eagles 13- Packers 27 (2016)

Prediction: Eagles 31- Packers 38

Minnesota Vikings

This team is still hung up on the NFC championship game beat down in 2018. They beat the Eagles on the road last year, but still missed the playoffs and let the Eagles sneak in. Kirk Cousins aka Mr.Average will play depending on the Eagles record. If the Eagles are above .500, Birds win. If the Eagles are under .500 Vikings win.  I think the Eagles win a nail bitter on Jake Elliot’s right foot. Both have a good defense returning, and above average skill players.

Last meeting: Eagles 21- Vikings 23 (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 20-Vikings 17

NFC South

The Birds have struggled with the division in the past years. Owning ATL, Losing to TB, NO, and CAR.

Atlanta Falcons:

This team at home isn’t the team that the Eagles have beat in the past. Matt Ryan is a dome QB who will play big after a bad 2018 campaign. Eagles will lose this one and lose it bad.

Last meeting: Eagles 18- Falcons 12 (2018)

Prediction: Eagles 21- Falcons 35


I think the Eagles have a great 2019-2020 season as a whole. I think a healthy Wentz will be back to the 2017 Carson we saw and loved. An overall record of 12- 4 will win the NFC East and potentially get a first-round bye. I can’t see into the future, but remember this blog when it happens!



Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports