Know your Eagles enemy: The New York Giants



The Eagles and Giants have faced each other 172 times, including the postseason. They have tied twice. The Eagles have won 85 times. The Giants have won 85 times. Something’s gotta give.


If the Eagles’ backs were against the wall last week, their backs are stuck on it. They need to win this game. No sugarcoating needed.  They’re at home, black on black uniforms, and are facing a quarterback who has lost TWENTY times against them. There is no excuse for them to lose this game.  Eagles win 31-14.

Stat line predictions:
  • Wentz: 19/25 230 yards 2 touchdowns
  • Sanders: 20 rushes 100 yards 1 touchdown
  • Ajayi: 8 rushes 40 yards 1 touchdown
  • Arcega-Whiteside: 3 receptions 40 yards 1 touchdown
  • Jeffery: 5 receptions 80 yards 1 touchdown
  • Ertz: 7 receptions 70 yards
  • Graham: sack
  • Cox: two sacks
  • Maddox: INT
  • LeBlanc: INT
Last week’s stat predictions:

Not telling you because I’m depressed about it.


Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

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