Top 5 Eagles moments from the Chip Kelly Era

As the new season approaches, we decided to take a look back the very best moments of Chip Kelly’s two year reign. There has been an abundance of high points in the last two seasons, we took to twitter and Facebook to ask you guys what your personal favourites were, here were the most common.


5) Washing away the Redskins

It’s only fitting that we kick this list off with Chip’s first game in charge. There was a lot of tension going into that game, nobody knew how the Offense would perform, would it be a complete disaster? Could a college style playbook really succeed in the NFL? The answer was a resounding yes. The Redskins Defence were humiliated as the Eagles racked up first down after first down. Here are the best bits.

4) A record breaking day

Who could forget the day that Nick Foles went down in Eagles history as he racked up a defining 7 touchdowns in just one game. Yes it was against the Raiders but you can’t take anything away from Nick, his maturity and composure shone through as he showed glimpses of a future franchise Quarterback that was never to be. It was also testament to just how dominant this Offense could really be. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say we miss Foles and wish him all the best in St. Louis.

3) Shut Em Down

How do you win over the fans of Philadelphia? Shut out one of their divisional rivals. A game where the Defense came up huge, the Eagles shut out the New York Giants 27-0. The Sack Attack was real as Eli was swallowed up again and again! You can relive the best of the showdown below.

2) Snow Bowl

In arguably the most exciting game of the past two seasons, the Eagles played against Detroit at the North Pole..I mean a very very snowy Lincoln Financial Field. With snow reportedly reaching up to six inches at one stage, it became almost impossible to play. But the stars were out in full force as LeSean McCoy and Megatron put on a clinic for the rest of the NFL. The Eagles came away as the victors following yet another impressive Nick Foles performance and a brilliant turnaround.

1) Give Thanks!

Ah, thanksgiving. A time for grattitude and appreciation for everything that has been placed on earth and a time to show love for those closest to you. For Eagles fans, we showed thanks for the entire team who rolled up and slammed down the Dallas Cowboys 33-10 in what we’re calling Chip Kelly’s greatest moment as Eagles coach to date. LeSean McCoy ran for 159 yards whilst Sanchez ran for his first touchdown in almost three years. In what was eventually to be a crucial game, the Eagles showed up on the biggest stage in the NFC East and put on one of the best displays in recent memory. We can only hope for more of the same this season.