Zach Walton bangs Game winner for Drexel against Abilene Christian

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Philadelphia: We are only one week into the 2019-20 College Basketball season and so far things have been very interesting as everyone gets back into the ebbs and flow of the regular season. On Sunday afternoon, the Drexel Dragons took on the Abilene Christian Wildcats from the DAC on the campus of Drexel University. The Dragons come into the game at 1-1 on the season while Abilene Christian made the trip to Philadelphia at 1-0.

In the first half, both teams would have their opportunities but defense would be the story. The Dragons would get things figured out escaped to a 9-point lead on three separate occasions, with the last one being 47-38 with 1:09 left. The Wildcats cut into the lead and would be down 47-42 at halftime.

This game looked very different in the second half as Drexel got a lead of their own up to 8 at 54-46 with 17:43 left. The Wildcats would slowly cut the lead and would retake it at 59-58 with 12:30 left. The Dragons would rally back three times late in the game, with Zach Walton tying it up with 20 seconds left. Moments later, he punched in a huge block at the buzzer which would send the game into overtime.

In the OT , the Wildcats would make things interesting as Payton Ricks gave them a 83-81 lead with 2:11 left. But the Dragons got the final shot as Zach Walton buried the game winner, pushing his team to a win in an exciting early season test against Abilene Christian 86-83.

How the Dragons won in OT:

With the win, the Dragons are now 2-1 on the season while the Wildcats are 1-1.

Final Numbers:

Abilene Christian Wildcats:
Payton Ricks: 29 points, 2 rebounds, 5 steals
Clay Gayman: 21 points, 2 rebounds, 2 blocks

Drexel Dragons:
Zach Walton: 22 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks
James Butler: 13 points, 13 rebounds

Drexel Zach Walton:

Drexel Coach Zach Spiker: