Phillies end of season report card: The position players


We’ve gone through and grading all the starting pitchers, we dove headfirst into the barren abyss of the bullpen. But I’ve saved the “best” part of the Phillies for last. The report card for the position players will be slightly different than the other two. All players will get two grades: Defensive (abbreviated DEF) and Offensive (OFF).

As before, feel free to disagree.

The Position Players


Let me address the defense first as it needs the most explaining. The Phillies defense felt worse than a C-, I know. In errors and fielding percentage, the Phillies were both middle-of-the-pack.

They committed 97 errors in 2019. That was tied for 15th fewest. The team put together a .984 fielding percentage, tied for 12th best.

The Phillies committed 123 errors with a fielding percentage of .979 in 2018. Both marks were 29th in the league.

If I had graded 2018’s defense, it would get an F. A C- seems fair for 2019.

Way to improve guys, on to the offense.

As a team, the Phillies slashed .246/.319/.427. Look, I know those numbers aren’t great, but the offense I saw featured several bright spots. They just happened to be really inconsistent.

For all intents and purposes, this offense could’ve been a playoff team if A: Key players stay healthy and B: The pitching staff wasn’t a garbage fire.

So yes, the B- is an optimist’s view of this team. Sorry to shed some sunlight on your gloom and doom parade.

Bryce Harper OFF: A- DEF: B+

Bryce Harper was everything this team needed in 2019. His personality fit perfectly in Philadelphia. He felt like a team leader.

Harper led the Phillies in homers (35) and RBI (114, a career-high). In terms of bWAR, Harper had the 4th best year of his career. His 35 homers were the second-most of his career behind his MVP season.

Defensively, Harper took a huge step forward. He committed 5 errors, but he had the most outfield assists of his career with 13. He recorded just 1 in 2018.

Harper created a highlight reel in 2019. Let’s check out the best moment one more time.


JT Realmuto OFF: B+ DEF: A+

Boy, look at that defensive wizard go. JT Realmuto came to the Phillies and did not disappoint. His 47% caught stealing percentage was the best mark in the majors. Realmuto looks like a shoo-in for the NL Gold Glove award.

Offensively, had a relatively normal year, for JT Realmuto. His .275 BA and .328 OBP were within .003 points of his career numbers. It was his power numbers that took the next step.

His 25 homers were a career-high. His 36 doubles were also a career-high. Both of those facts added up to a career-high in slugging percentage with a .493 mark.

Corey Dickerson OFF: A DEF: B

Corey Dickerson proved to be a hitting machine in his time with the Phillies. He slashed .293/.307/.579. Matt Klentak struck gold when he acquired him in the waning minutes of the trade deadline.

Twenty of his 39 hits went for extra bases.

If only he could’ve stayed healthy.

Andrew McCutchen OFF: B DEF: B

We only got to see Andrew McCutchen for 59 games in 2019. The loss of Cutch for the season devastated the Phillies.

When he went down, he was one of the most productive leadoff men in baseball. His .378 OBP was the highest since his last All-Star appearance in 2015.

When the Phillies lost McCutchen for the season they lost a clubhouse leader. McCutchen’s charisma is electric and made you gravitate towards the player.

Plus his swagger is off the charts.

Adam Haseley OFF: B- DEF: A+

Adam Haseley’s rookie campaign certainly was encouraging. Offensively, he looked alright, but there looks to be room to grow.

Defensively, the young outfielder shined bright.

Haseley played in 67 games, yet he created a highlight reel long enough for an entire season.

Brad Miller OFF: B+ DEF:C

Ah, Bamboo Brad Miller.

Miller’s had 2 things going for him that pushed him to a better than average grade.

The first was the implementation of Bamboo in the clubhouse. It didn’t help the whole season, but that mojo did play a part in a 4 game sweep of the Mets.

The second was his blazing hot streak at the end of the season, featuring THREE multi-home run games. Eight of his 18 September hits were home runs. He slugged .800 that month.

“Trust the plant” indeed.

Scott Kingery OFF: C+ DEF: A

Scott Kingery was one of the worst Phillies players in 2018, recording a -1.3 bWAR.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Kingery came back in 2019. In an injury-shortened season, Kingery still recorded 34 doubles and 19 homers. He did face struggles in the 2nd half, hence the C+. His OPS dropped from .889 in the first half to .710 in the second.

Kingery majorly improved his defense in 2019 as well. The only positions he didn’t play were first base, catcher, and pitcher. Even though he is a natural second baseman, he showed skill in center and shortstop and serviceable at 3rd base.

For his versatility and improvement, he gets an A for defense.

Cesar Hernandez OFF: B- DEF: B

Cesar Hernandez set a career-high in doubles (31), RBI (71), and total bases (250). He increased his OPS by 23 points, but his OPS+ decreased by 3 points.

Cesar’s year is hard to evaluate offensively. It was solid, but yet somehow not good enough.

He was fine, but in a year where everyone else was exceptional.

Jean Segura OFF: B- DEF: D+

Jean Segura came in as one of the Phillies’ top offseason acquisitions.

He ended 2019 as an unfortunate disappointment. A .280 batting average is usually a solid mark. For Jean Segura, it’s a letdown.

From 2016-2018, Segura hit .308. That didn’t happen in Philly.

His defense looked suspect on top of everything. He committed the most errors by a Phillies shortstop since Desi Relaford in 2000.

Segura’s 20 errors were the most in his career.

Maikel Franco OFF: C- DEF: B

Fun fact: my Twitter used to say “Franco truther”, emphasis on used to.

Maikel Franco always looked like he was set to break out any minute. The sad fact is that we’re still waiting.

Franco’s 2019 was frustratingly disappointing. After leading the Phillies in batting in 2018 with a .270 average, Franco only hit .234 in 2019.

I seriously thought Franco could be a force in the 8-hole. In March and April, he was with an OPS of .844.

Everything went downhill when he was sent to AAA. 2019 will most likely be the last year for Franco as a Phillie.

Roman Quinn OFF: C- DEF: B

So fast, so very fast, but so fragile.

I’m sorry….not actually.

Roman did show some potential as a bench piece. In the month of August, Roman Quinn slashed .368/.455/.684 in 13 games with 3 home runs!

And then he got injured for the rest of the season.

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