Phillies end of season report card: The position players


Phil Gosselin OFF: C DEF: NA

Phil Gosselin was the Phillies’ best pinch hitter in 2019.

That’s not saying much. As a substitute, Gosselin hit .342 with a .390 OBP. Don’t ask what he hit as a stater. It’s depressing.

Sean Rodriguez OFF: C- DEF: C+

What a tangled web we weave, especially Sean Rodriguez. He was easily the most hated Phillies of 2019.

It’s a slightly undeserved as he had his best statistical season since 2016. Of course, he only hit .223. He did have the second-highest OBP of his career, missing the top mark by 1 point.

A tangled web indeed.

Jay Bruce OFF: C- DEF: D

Jay Bruce started off his Phillies’ tenure so hot that I wanted to go to CBP in beer costumes with signs that read “Bruce’s Brews”.

In his first 28 games as a Phillie, Bruce slashed .291/.308/.641. 16 of his 30 hits were for extra bases.

He had 2 hits in his next 42 at bats. They were both homers.

Rhys Hoskins OFF: D+ DEF: D+

Easily the most disappointing player on the 2019 Phillies roster.

The Phillies traded away Carlos Santana so that Hoskins could be more comfortable in the field. That didn’t work as Hoskins blew at least 2 games because he couldn’t make a play at first.

What’s worse is that Hoskins’ batting average dropped 20 points and he failed to hit 30 home runs. He hit .166 with 6 homers in his last 54 games of the season.

Math lesson: 54 x 3 = 162

Rhys Hoskins was a dumpster fire for a third of the season.

His first third convinced me he’d be an MVP candidate.

Andrew Knapp OFF: D DEF: C-

Andrew Knapp will hopefully not be back in 2019. His contrast to a great catcher in JT Realmuto made him stand out, not in a good way.

He hit under the Mendoza line mode for most of the season.

Logan Morrison OFF: D+ DEF: NA

If it were 2010, Phillies might have been excited to have Morrison on the team.

Even 2017 Morrison would’ve had some semblance of value.

2019 LoMo had little to no value.

Nick Williams OFF: F DEF: C

Nick Williams has too much potential to be this bad.

He hit .151. That’s .105 less than in 2018. Hopefully, a change of scenery can help this outfielder’s career.

Aaron Altherr OFF: F DEF: NA

The first man to knock a grand slam against Clayton Kershaw hit .034 for the Phillies in 2019.

He pitched better.

Odubel Herrera: F-

Don’t make me explain this one.

I never want to see Herrera as a Phillie ever again. You know what happened if not, look it up.

It’s why he gets a beyond failing grade.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports