Three potential reasons fueling Eagles’ salary cap climb


Howie Roseman’s mythical powers working the Eagles salary cap are well known at this point. From dummy years, to moving guaranteed money into bonuses, Roseman’s intuition and ability to find new ways of moving money around has been a large reason why the Philadelphia Eagles have been able to build such an intimidating roster so quickly, and one where the cornerstones aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. But a recent flurry of moves have left several people wondering…is there yet another ace up his sleeve?

Most recently, Roseman was able to convert $7M of Zach Ertz’ contract into a bonus. It’s important to note that the franchise Tight End isn’t taking a pay cut by any means, but it does push the Eagles to around $27M in cap space, ranking them ninth in the league. Who’d have thought that to be the case at the start of the offseason?!

But the Eagles seem to be finished with their free agency shopping list and now have more than enough money to pay the upcoming draft class of 2019. Nobody is saying that the Eagles have to stretch the limits of the cap every single year, but this move wasn’t exactly a ‘must-make’, especially after Jason Peters restructured his own deal this offseason. So what is Roseman plotting?

Here are two potential reasons why the Eagles have been extra-meticulous with their cap space over the last few weeks.

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